Globe GEN3 Store, SM North Edsa – A quick tour!

Have you been to any of the two recently launched Globe GEN3 stores? You know… the latest and and most innovative establishments from Globe Telecom that has been the talk of the town the past few weeks?

During its big reveal a few days ago, I was supposed to fly to Cagayan de Oro to witness the unveiling of the Globe GEN3 Store at Limketkai Mall. Unfortunately, I had taping for GMA-7 so I had to stay behind.

Globe Gen3 Store - SM North Edsa
Tim Kobe of Eight, Inc.

But, as the saying goes, “Better late than never!”, right? So, last Monday, I had the opportunity to drop by the Globe GEN3 Store at SM North Edsa.

I was really excited to find out first-hand what made multitudes of people go ahhh and ooohhh on social media.

In case you still didn’t know, these Globe GEN3 Stores have been designed by no less than Tim Kobe of Eight, Inc., the man behind the iconic Apple Store in New York.

As soon as I entered the establishment, I was immediately in awe. There was NOTHING normal or typical about the place (that’s a good thing). Everything about the Globe GEN3 Store was unreal.

Globe Gen3 Store - SM North Edsa

I’m actually grasping for words here. I can’t seem to describe what I truly felt and experienced during my visit. One thing’s for sure, though. Everything you know about retail stores and customer experience is about to be blown out of the water.

The hype is REAL, folks! Walking into the new Globe GEN3 Store felt more like stepping into an interactive museum than being inside a customer care establishment.

Exploring the Globe GEN3 Store

The person behind the revolutionary concept of the Globe GEN3 Store is Mr. Joe Caliro, Globe’s Retail Transformation and Management Head. I learned by briefly talking to him that Joe wanted more than just a simple change-up. Sure, stores need to be made over every 2-3 years… but what Joe wanted was something more radical. Something that will truly make a mark and significant statement.

After countless travels to other retail stores in other countries, seeking ideas and inspiration, Joe Caliro came up with something that has never ever been done in any other establishment anywhere in the world. What he and Tim Kobe came up with is what we now know as the Globe GEN3 Store. And boy, what a sight to behold this is.

Let me briefly walk you through the place…

As soon as you enter, you will notice a few automated teller machines that are setup for customers.

Globe Gen3 Store - SM North Edsa
Need to pay your bills in a jiffy? Use these Globe payment machines

Nope, these ATMs aren’t meant for withdrawing money… but for quick easy payment of your Globe bill via credit or debit cards. Pretty cool, huh?

Globe Gen3 Store - SM North Edsa
Video calls to customer service personnel are now possible!

Right next to these payment machines, there are stations where you can actually do video calls to customer service personnel for whatever Globe-related concern you may have. Impressive!

Globe Gen3 Store - SM North Edsa

The entire area of the Globe GEN3 Store is basically what Joe Caliro describes as a “Black Box Theatre” – a free flowing open space with movable modules hanging from the ceiling with modular decorations that can easily be rolled in and out when needed. Nothing is anchored to the floor.

Globe Gen3 Store - SM North Edsa

There are different lifestyle “ZONES” inside the Globe GEN3 Store. Each zone showcases stories and exciting features for customers to experience and enjoy. These zones also feature the latest trends in product, people and even in business. Various lifestyle vignettes illustrate mobile and broadband technologies as connected solutions—featuring the latest devices, apps, digital connectors gadgets and services that contribute to the total interactive customer experience.

The lifestyle zones will also highlight the stories of brand ambassadors every quarter. The store is a platform for the introduction of must-watch personalities who are blazing new trails in their respective Art, Community and Technology spaces.

Globe Gen3 Store - SM North Edsa
Try your DJ’ing skills while waiting for your turn to be called.

Play video games and interact with the X-Box Kinect, listen to music, tinker with the latest gadgets and applications, watch NBA games, check out the latest videos and mobile content – all to your heart’s content!

Globe Gen3 Store - SM North Edsa
Play ball!

We were even able to play a couple of basketball games on the Kinect. You can actually work up a sweat trying to get a shot up against your computer opponent.

Globe Gen3 Store - SM North Edsa
Games galore!

You can enjoy playing all sorts of games on a variety of tablets and smartphones. This area is sure to keep customers and guests busy and preoccupied. It’s like a wonderland for tech savvy people as well as those who just want to try out the latest games available in the market.

Globe Gen3 Store - SM North Edsa

Almost every zone inside the Globe GEN3 Store boasts of a customized interface on a huge widescreen monitor accessible via the X-Box Kinect.

The Globe GEN3 Store will also serve as a venue to introduce the latest products, devices, and services offered by Globe. To start, it is the first retailer in Asia to introduce and carry Google Cardboard, the fold-your-own virtual reality headset. Consumers can definitely expect more exciting products rolling out in the next quarters.

Oh look!!! #GoogleCardboard at the @enjoyglobe #Gen3 store in @smsupermalls North Edsa! So cool! Whee! :)

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With so many zones, widescreen monitors and speakers all over the place, you’d think that the Globe GEN3 Store would be incredibly noisy. Not at all. Every module within every zone has state of the art uni-directional speakers which are only normally used inside museums. Sound that comes out of these speakers could only be heard by a person standing right in front of a particular module. Take a few small steps away and the audio could not be heard anymore. Incredible audio setup. You have got to experience it to believe it.

Gadgets and accessories for sale

If you wish to look for accessories for your device such as protective cases, bluetooth speakers or power banks, the Globe GEN3 Store has got you covered.

Globe Gen3 Store - SM North Edsa
Gadgets and accessories are also available.

In one area by the wall, you can choose from a wide selection of headphones and music peripherals.

Globe Gen3 Store - SM North Edsa
Protective cases, power banks and fitness trackers are also being sold.

One section features bags for devices, cases, and even the latest fitness trackers and wearables. Awesome!

The “Play Bar”

The Globe GEN3 Store also has a new area called the “Play Bar”.

Globe Gen3 Store - SM North Edsa
Wanna know about latest apps? Need help with your device? No sweat! The Play Bar is here for you!

The Play Bar is where you hangout to discover the latest apps, seek help on how to troubleshoot your device, or to learn how to operate certain features of your gadget.

I also learned that people who man the Play Bar have trained under Gabe Mercado’s improvisation workshop. This equips the Play Bar folks to handle all sorts of people who come by this area. Whether handling shy customers or irate persons, their training will surely go a long way. I’m very impressed that Globe went the extra mile to train their personnel this way. It says a lot about how customer care is taken seriously by our friends at Globe.

Globe Gen3 Store - SM North Edsa
Hangin’ by the Globe Play Bar…

A queuing system like no other

You’re probably asking… “With all these attractions, how will I know when my number comes up and it’s my turn to go to the customer service counter?” Worry not… The Globe GEN3 Store’s queuing system is pleasantly different from other establishments.

Globe Gen3 Store - SM North Edsa
You’re no longer just a number! Names make it more personal.

Unlike those traditional number queuing systems which we’ve grown accustomed to and commonly see in banks and other customer service centers, the Globe GEN3 Store uses YOUR name instead. It makes it easier for anyone to see who’s next in line.

Not only that! An image of your face is stored in the system so that personnel can easily recognize and walk up to you when it’s your turn.

If you decide to leave the store momentarily, you will be notified via SMS when you’re needed at the Globe GEN3 Store already.

Globe Gen3 Store - SM North Edsa

Once every month, Globe plans to hold short performances inside the Globe GEN3 Store, featuring artists, chefs, musicians and more, showcasing how these personalities use their devices and trusted applications in improving their craft and artistry. This is one way to keep customers entertained and educated at the same time. Exciting!

Truly, Globe has done it once again. In their continuous efforts to keep subscribers happy and satisfied, they have incredibly raised the bar on how customer service environments should be.

Other retail stores and service centers most definitely can learn a whole lot by looking at the new Globe GEN3 Store.

Truly one of a kind. Aspirational in every sense of the word… not only for subscribers but for competitors as well.

Other telcos should start taking down notes.

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