Be a Globe Charge partner and level the playing field

Remember that amazing visit I made to “Smokin’ Pig Legendary Rib Joint” a few months ago?

It was back then when I saw first hand how Globe Charge was going to revolutionize the competitiveness of businesses, especially small players, by offering this incredible payment system.

Globe Charge

Any kind of business, even small ones, can start accepting credit/debit card payments and become highly competitive because of Globe Charge.

What is Globe Charge?

For the benefit of those who still don’t know what Globe Charge is and what it can do…

Globe Charge is a wonderful new solution that lets you accept MasterCard and Visa (available soon) credit and debit card payments via smartphone or tablets! Now, you can take in more payment options, more customers, and more business. No more need to apply for a credit card terminal from your bank.

Globe Charge and the GCash Bazaar

Just a month ago, you also probably heard about the exciting GCash Bazaar that was held over one quick weekend at the Eastwood Mall Open Park wherein merchants participating in the event were equipped with their very own Globe Charge devices.

Globe Charge

It was a clear demonstration of how startups and growing businesses can be empowered.

Become a Globe Charge Partner

If you’re someone who plans to put up his/her own business or perhaps already running one and looking to bring it to the next level, this is no doubt what you need to do that.

And what better way to learn more about Globe Charge than through those who have incorporated this innovative payment system already.

Watch and listen to Charles Pestana (The Bag Master), Carol Lim (BC Fragrancce), Julianne Bernardo (J. Cuppacakes), Jem Siquian (Instabook Travel Services), as they share their first-hand experience with Globe Charge:

Just look at some of the awesome benefits you get from from using Globe Charge that makes it perfect for your business:

  1. Get started right away and accept local and international MasterCard and Visa credit and debit cards
  2. Enjoy better rates and deals compared to banks
  3. Receive the settlement as early as the next banking day
  4. Connect via WIFI or via mobile data for free using a Globe/TM SIM

Level the playing field and start mixing it up with the big boys, because now you REALLY can with Globe Charge.

 Globe Charge can be purchased from select Globe Stores within Metro Manila. Accreditation as a Globe Charge merchant takes place within 7 business days, after a face-to-face validation with a Globe representative called the Know-Your-Merchant (KYM) Process.

To know more, visit, or email [email protected]

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