Globe Apps (G Apps) – Perfect for my lifestyle!

You gotta love how smartphones make things so much easier. I admit, I am quite dependent on my smartphone when it comes to a lot of things.

And why shouldn’t I be? Haven’t I always stressed, even during my talks, that your smartphone is supposed to make you more efficient? It was created to make you a better person overall.

It’s called a smartphone because it’s designed to be smart enough to aid you in accomplishing more.

Just take a good stroll around the App Store or Google Play Store (if you’re using an Android device) and you’ll immediately see what I mean.

In my case, I use a ton of apps to get errands and chores done (Sunrise, Clear), apps for saving and accessing my online scripts for tapings (Google Docs), apps to take better photos (Camera+, VSCO Cam), to stay healthy and stay on track with my fitness regimen (Fitstar, RunKeeper, Misfit), apps to help me find my way (Waze, Google Maps) and so much more.

But as much as I already love my device, you gotta love it even more when your smartphone works seamlessly with your own telco, empowering you further via really cool custom designed apps and services created to make your life a whole lot easier in a lot of aspects.

G Apps - Globe Telecom

If you’re on Globe (like me!), you may have already heard about most (if not all) of these awesome Globe Apps, or what we have now come to simply know as: G Apps!

G Apps is a group of mobile applications which Globe Telecom has created for their subscribers to make things like shopping, cloud storage, checking your bill, online shopping and online payments a whole lot easier.

If you haven’t heard about some of these G Apps yet, you’re gonna want to stick around and read on. It’s a pretty awesome set of apps that I use a whole lot regardless if I’m home or on the road.

G Apps - Globe

G Apps has long been a part of my lifestyle and I am quite sure you’ll find it very useful for yours as well.

Here’s a quick rundown of the G Apps that I use on my iPhone and why I use them a whole lot.

G Apps (Globe Apps) – An app for every need


G Apps - Globe - GServices

It goes without saying that keeping track of your mobile bill and how much of your mobile plan you’ve already consumed is vital for any responsible subscriber. With GServices, I am kept updated, making sure that my subscription (and mobile service) is continuous and problem-free. Very important, especially when I’m in far off places taping for seryes and mobile service is absolutely critical.

G Apps - Globe - GServices

I can also change mobile plans on-the-fly and check how much Globe Rewards I’ve accumulated already. You’ll never know when those Globe Rewards may come in handy (Figaro coffee or Wendy’s burger, perhaps?) Haha!


G Apps - Globe - GCash

Perhaps one of the most used apps on my iPhone. Why? Because GCash is my main mode of payment when doing online shopping. I purchase a ton of paid apps and do lots of buying sprees via Amazon and other online stores. Making sure that I am substantially funded and have enough GCash to make those all important purchases is very important.

G Apps - Globe - GCash

Hey! Don’t knock it till you try it. We all know that prices online are, more often than not, way lower than getting imported items locally. I’ve saved a ton of money doing online shopping using GCash.

Apart from that, you can also send GCash to other people and buy load for family and friends. Sweet!

I also do a lot of bill payments using GCash. Falling in line at bayad centers are a thing of the past. It’s fast, secure and absolutely convenient.

It’s a lifesaver especially when I’m terribly busy with tapings and out of town gigs and we have to meet certain payment deadlines at the same time. As long as I have my smartphone with me with Globe’s dependable mobile data service, I am pretty much covered. Deadlines done!


G Apps - Globe - GDeals

I use the GDeals app to scour for great ummm… “deals” (Duh!) that I can purchase using my ever depandable GCash. You’ll discover great new finds popping up regularly. Think of it as a never ending MALL SALE in the palm of your hand.

Not only that, apart from getting a ton of discounts, GDeals allows me to enroll all possible membership cards, credit cards, vouchers, etc. and the app looks for ongoing promos that match my enrolled accounts.

G Apps - Globe - GDeals

How can one not love an app such as this. Working on the road and shopping at the same time and having them delivered straight to my doorstep? Now THAT is what I call multitasking! Sweet!

I’ve even purchased great dining deals in places such as “House of Minis”. This restaurant is actually close to my heart. It’s very nostalgic everytime I dine there. I grew up spending lots of time dining at House of Minis with my parents when I was a kid back in the ’80s. You can imagine my happiness when I found incredible promos for this wonderful place on GDeals. It meant more opportunities for me to relieve my childhood and to share new memories with my dad and, now, with kids of my own.


G Apps - Globe - GMovies

Ah yes! A recreation that is very close to my heart. Apart from dining out, watching movies with friends and family is my kind of gimmick! I’d rather spend a good few hours kicking back and enjoying a wonderful flick in the movie house rather than spending time in the bar or at a club.

Age must be catching up, I guess. Hahaha!

Nevertheless, GMovies is an app that any movie buff should have in their smartphones.

Why do I use GMovies? Simple. I’ve seen tons of apps in the App Store that can provide local screening times for currently showing movies, but GMovies takes the experience, ease and convenience to a whole different level.

G Apps - Globe - GMovies

With the GMovies app, I can view trailers, read reviews, easily purchase tickets and reserve seats right from my phone anytime, anywhere. No more racing to the movie house early in the morning and falling in line to purchase tickets to my favorite comicbook/superhero movies. I can do that with just a few clicks over breakfast and coffee and purchase them using my GCash Mastercard (or any credit/debit card for that matter). How cool is that, huh?

Globe Cloud

G Apps - Globe Cloud

Storage space is so important these days. What with the ease of taking photos and videos using our smartphones, we snap away taking a multitude of photos not realizing until it’s too late that we’ve already used up a good chunk of our local/internal storage.

I’ve always believed that valuable data should not just have a backup but must have a backup of their very own backup as well. Confused? Hahaha! Basically, redundancy is key. Just keep that in mind.

Never let system crashes and smartphone glitches be the reasons for permanent data loss. I know how devastating it is for one to lose important files and photos.

And with the advent and emergence of cloud storage, no one should have to suffer the loss of precious data such as important photos, documents, videos and more. Grab the Globe Cloud app and start backing up your data, like me.

Apart from that, Globe Cloud also allows you to share these files with other people by sending them direct links.

There you have it, folks! My ever dependable G Apps (Globe Apps) designed to keep me on track and in check. I encourage you to try ’em out as well. Besides, these G Apps have small file sizes and don’t take up a whole lot of storage space so you can easily download and install them and take it out for a spin. These G Apps are free, by the way.

I try to make the most of my smartphone all the time. And you should do the same.

If you’re a Globe subscriber, these G Apps are a great start and should have a place on your smartphone’s homescreen.

Check out all these and more G Apps for iOS and Android.

And hey… don’t forget to have fun with your phone. Maximize your device’s potential by downloading these G Apps and make your device work to your advantage.


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