Centro Holistico, Alabang – One amazing experience!

I’ve been to different kinds of spas and clinics and I’ve also tried all sorts of stress relieving treatments as the nature of my business demands.

But nothing, in my opinion, would prepare me for the uniquely different kind of experience I was about to go through at a fairly young holistic center down south.

The place is called, Centro Holistico.

Centro Holistico

Centro Holistico is a cozy and very quiet establishment located at the 2/F of Commercenter, Alabang.

I can’t wait to tell (and show) you how my first visit turned out. So, please… stick around and read on. It’s quite exciting.

What makes Centro Holistico different?

First and foremost, you’re probably itching to ask me what makes Centro Holistico stand out among the crowd.

Centro Holistico is a full-wellness facility that believes in holistic healing via an Integrative Medicine approach.

What probably makes this alternative clinic different from the other holistic centers found in and around the metro (and you know there are a lot of them out there) is that Centro Holistico is actually managed and run by medical doctors. All their treatments are either performed by, or supervised by them.

Centro Holistico

The place uses both Western and Eastern medicine techniques making this approach impartial and rather, patient centric. Also, the treatments that are being offered to the public have been carefully researched and have been proven to be effective.

Real doctors? Effective treatments and procedures? Hell, yeah! Sign me up!

Centro Holistico
Doc Ryan and Doc Candy

I met some of the amazing folks of Centro Holistico… two of them, actually, who immediately made me feel at home as soon as I entered their clinic – Doc Ryan Dalman and Doc Candy Drilon. They also happen to be engaged to one another! Whee! Congratulations, guys!

And… here we go!

So, let’s get right to it, then…

Before anything else, I had to go through the entire workup in order for Centro Holistico to determine which treatments I actually needed.

Centro Holistico
My BP: 120/80. Nice!

My blood pressure was checked, naturally.

Immediately after that, I was whisked into the doctor’s clinic for a quick blood test and analysis.

Centro Holistico
Getting a sample of my blood. Yowzers!

I’ll admit… needles scare the bejeezus out of me. I wasn’t ashamed of telling this to my doctors which I’m glad they took in jest.

Doc Ryan, did my blood analysis that day. He did what I was told was a wet and dry blood analysis. Wet blood analysis is what westerners (medical doctors) usually do, while dry blood analysis is the technique used by people who practice eastern medicine procedures.

I told him how I was able to drop my weight from 185 lbs down to 135 lbs and the kind of lifestyle I am currently into. I shared that I don’t drink or smoke and that I’ve quit taking any kind of soda for more than 4 years now.

I knew that I couldn’t lie about my kind of lifestyle because my blood analysis would eventually reveal everything I wasn’t telling.

Centro Holistico - wet blood analysis
Look! My blood cells! Cool.

My wet blood analysis showed exactly that. My blood cells immediately told Doc Ryan that I have greatly benefited from the kind of lifestyle I was living. Nice round cells that are very healthy, but which my doctor told me could actually be better. I agree.

Afterwards, Doc Ryan did a dry blood analysis. He explained how this kind of test works and how different eastern medicine’s approach is when reading blood cells.

Centro Holistico - dry blood analysis
In eastren medicine practices, a cell can actually tell a lot about what part of your body needs more attention.

According to eastern medicine, a single cell can easily tell which parts of your body is, for lack of a better term, more problematic and which needs greater attention.

Apparently, on my dry blood cell analysis, it was clear that the part of my body which needed more attention than others was my digestive system. Based on this, Centro Holistico was able to determine the kind of treatment I was to try out which was supposed to greatly help my more problematic areas. Cool!

My Centro Holistico treatments

I was about to undergo two medical procedures which I have never experienced in my entire life. At all.

Acupuncture and Colon Cleanse.

Ooooookay. I actually didn’t know how to react when I learned what I was supposed to have that day. One procedure required that a ton of needles be stuck on me… while the other one was basically a major tummy spring cleaning which required 3 gallons of water to go around my colon. How in heaven’s name would Centro Holistico course the water into my colon, you ask? I’ll give you a clue… not through my mouth or any orifice that was meant for intake.

I needed a little bit of time for everything to sink in. Hahaha!

I mustered the courage and was up to the challenge. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right?

Alrighty, then.

Colon Cleanse

Yep. I was doing this one first. Not by choice, mind you. But what the hell. I was gonna do both anyways so it didn’t really matter which came before which.

So, what exactly is a Colon Cleanse and what makes this important for one’s health? I asked Centro Holistico about this and here is the answer that I got from them…

[themify_quote]The rectum is the part of the large intestines where the fecal materials are stored right before it is expelled. Its walls are rich with blood vessels where the water from the feces is absorbed further.

Centro Holistico’s Colon Cleanse treatment involves the infusion of diluted coffee into the rectum through the anus. Other herbs are also used to help in the detoxification process. This is a very good detoxification treatment that helps you get rid of toxins in your blood stream.

The theory behind this is that the caffeine from the coffee is absorbed by the vessels surrounding the rectum. This then passes through the liver which promotes opening of the bile ducts, and then releases bile. The theobromine and theophylline from the coffee also increase bile flow.

Rectal infusion of coffee was also shown to stimulate the liver to produce the enzyme Glutathione s-transferase by 600-700%. This is an antioxidant that reacts with oxygen free radicals. The substances that are neutralized are dissolved in the bile that is being released and excreted together with the stool.[/themify_quote]

I was anxious and nervous at the same time as I entered what I could only assume to be the colon cleansing room.

Centro Holistico
My throne awaits. Alas, my dear colon… prepare to be cleansed!

A gown was waiting for me by the corner which I was to be my only garment during the entire cleansing process. No underwear, of course (Duh!).

Centro Holistico

So, here’s what was gonna happen… I was to lie down on the customized bed, spread my legs and move my rump close to the cave-like opening where this small soft tube was located at and will be inserted into my… ahem… well, you get the idea.

Centro Holistico
The clip valve… Release the Kraken!

On my mark, this kind lady watching over me (Yes! I wasn’t alone inside!) will loosen the valve of the tube, allowing water from a 3-gallon pail above to surge into my tummy by way of gravity.

Centro Holistico
The 3-gallon pail containing coffee water, ready to rush through my anxious orifice and into my colon.

Oh, man. I had butterflies in my tummy as I tried to imagine what kind of feeling I’d have once the water starts rushing in.

Centro Holistico
Ready as I’ll ever be…

And so, it began. She flipped the valve open and I immediately felt warm water filling my belly.

I was told by the kind lady, whom I felt was becoming ever so close to me, to try holding in the water for as long as I could before letting it out to allow for a better cleansing process. When I could feel that I could no longer hold it in, I was supposed to discharge it, allowing for a fresh batch of coffee water inside my belly again. This was pretty much what I had to do until I am able consume the entire 3-gallons of water inside the pail.

Braveheart FreedomJust like Mel Gibson on Braveheart, I yelled “FREEDOM” in my head and went headlong into battle. I am not ashamed to say that for the first few minutes, I held on to the ever-so-helpful lady who so professionally assisted me especially during those “trying” moments. Hahaha!

Halfway through the Colon Cleanse process, I kind of gotten the hang of it already… thankfully. It was cruise control from then on.

Oh, and just so you know (in case you REALLY wanted to know), there was no… ummm… smell during the entire I was at it. I guess the coffee had a lot to do with it, apart from the fact that towards the end, there really wasn’t anything else that was solid left to discharge.

After a good 35-40 minutes, it was finally over! It felt kind of liberating, actually. Also, I felt significantly lighter and my belly seemed to have tapered a tad bit. Wow… talk about instant results! Nice!

Would I be willing to go through more Colon Cleansing sessions, you ask? I don’t mind. Especially knowing that my health would greatly benefit from it more if done long-term. I’m all for good health, you know.


After a good colon cleansing, it was time to psyche myself up for a good number of needle sticking.

I was led to one of Centro Holistico’s cozy and very relaxing beds.

Centro Holistico
These beds look really comfy!

Ah, yes. Looks like I’ll be able to get some rest during the procedure.

I’ve always been curious of Acupuncture. It’s something my wife and I have wanted to try out because I’ve heard so many good things about it. You can imagine my wife’s reaction when she found out that I was going to try acupuncture. She got really envious. Hahaha!

So, what exactly is Acupuncture and what health benefits can one get from it?

According to Centro Holistico…

[themify_quote]Acupuncture involves the use of fine needles to hit specific points in the body. There are many styles of acupuncture; our practice mainly focuses on the Traditional Chinese Medicine method. The idea behind this treatment is to restore the natural flow of qi, blood, and body fluids in patients. This goes hand in hand with other modalities such as ventosa, electro acupuncture, and acupressure.[/themify_quote]

I may be deathly fearful of needles, as I’ve said earlier. But, Doc Ryan assured me that I wouldn’t feel a thing since the needles used for acupuncture are incredibly thin. Let’s get right to it, then.

I assumed the position which pretty much was just laying down on the bed with my shirt rolled up to expose my belly.

Doc Ryan told me that my tummy would be the area wherein most of the needles will be stuck into. This particular acupuncture session was meant to promote weight loss by improving my digestive system. Great! Anything that helps me improve my weight loss and maintenance regimen is most welcome. Bring it, Doc! Hehehe.

Centro Holistico - Acupuncture
Look! Needles!

One by one, Doc Ryan carefully placed each needle (a total of 10) on my tummy. I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. All I felt was the plastic covering of the needle touching my skin.

Centro Holistico
Needles on my legs, too. Cool!

I also had 2 needles on both of my legs as well. I found it quite interesting that all the while that the needles were stuck to my legs, it felt unusually heavy… like hands were slightly holding my ankles down.

Centro Holistico

All in all, my entire acupuncture session took merely 30mins. I was even able to get some much needed shuteye during the entire process. I actually enjoyed it. How I could only wish that I was able to share this exciting first time experience with my wife.

My overall Centro Holistico experience

Centro HolisticoCentro Holistico offers a wide selection of treatments that one should definitely check out. And if the Colon Cleanse and Acupuncture experiences I’ve had are any indication, I am quite confident that their other offerings are worth trying out as well.

Never did I feel cramped up inside their clinic or felt that stiff (and stressful) hospital vibe that one usually gets when visiting a hospital. That in itself is a huge plus for me already.

Would I recommend the place to others? You bet I would. It is a totally different take on good health. Allow me to elaborate a little bit more…

What is health?

Health is a very fluid concept. It is most commonly described as the absence of disease. While this is indeed true, it only explains the physical aspect of the word.

Centro HolisticoFrom what I’ve learned at Centro Holistico, health as a whole has 4 elements: Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual. All these elements should be in good condition in that they should ALL be free from disease. Having a disease does not necessarily mean that one should have a pathologic process happening within him. The term, if further broken down, is “dis-ease,” or something that makes one uneasy. Even the slightest thing that makes a person uneasy may cause an imbalance to his health.

During the Holistic Health Consultations at Centro Holistico, the physician will address all the elements of health and would recommend holistic or integrated treatments specific for each patient seen. And just like what I went through before my actual treatments, a live blood analysis will also be included in these consultations to get a clearer picture of the patient’s health and nutritional status.

Amazing treatments by awesome doctors

I’d like to thank Centro Holistico and the wonderful “couple-to-be” doctors, Doc Ryan and Doc Candy, for making me feel at home in no time. I will most definitely be back for my regular treatments and to try out some of your other offerings which I am really interested in also. You haven’t seen the last of me! Hahaha!

Centro Holistico - Doc Ryan Dalman and Doc Candy Drilon
Thank you, Dr. Candy Drilon and Dr. Ryan Dalman

Oh, and thank you also to the kind lady who assisted me and let me hold her arm oh so tightly during the first few minutes of my Colon Cleanse process. I shall forever associate the image of your face with my first ever colon cleansing experience. I feel like I’ve known you for a lifetime already. Haha!

Other Centro Holistico treatments and services

Apart from the Colon Cleanse and Acupuncture treatments which I recently experienced, here are some of the other treatments that Centro Holistico offers to their loyal patients and customers…

Holistic Medical Consultation, Live Blood Analysis, Ear Acudetox, Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture, Heavy Metal Detox, IV Nutrient Therapy, Energy Healing.

Holistic Health Programs

General Wellness, Detoxification, Weight Loss, Stress Relief, Anti-aging and Rejuvenation, Alternative Cancer Therapy, Personalized Recovery Program.

Come to Centro Holistico and experience true overall wellness

I encourage everyone to try out Centro Holistico and see for yourselves why this place easily stands out among other clinics around. Even if you live up north or a tad out of way, the experience and benefits you get are well worth the trip.

True enough… one visit at Centro Holistico and it will totally change the way you look at recovery.


Centro Holistico
2/F Commercenter Alabang,
Commerce Avenue corner Filinvest Avenue and East Asia Drive,
Filinvest Corporate City, Alabang, Muntinlupa City

Landline: (02) 828-8863
Mobile: (0917) 581-2990
Email: [email protected]

Clinic Hours:
Monday to Saturday: 10AM – 8PM
Sundays and Holidays: 11AM – 6PM

Centro Holistico Facebook Page

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