Schick Exacta 2 – As smooth as parkour! Smooth Lee!

Don’t you just love watching seemingly difficult physical feats demonstrated by professionals making it look absolutely smooth and effortless?

Just imagine Michael Jordan gliding on air from the free throw line coming in for an explosive dunk. The way he does it seems oh so easy, right?

Well, I love physical activities myself. I enjoy a good challenge. More so now since I’ve brought my weight down from 185lbs to 135lbs.

Schick Exacta 2

Recently, I was invited by Schick Philippines and Ninja Academy to try out a fairly popular sport around the world which has slowly and surely been making its mark here in the Philippines. It’s called “Parkour”. I’m sure you’ve heard about this insanely cool craze.

Schick Exacta 2

It was absolutely fun hanging out with friends like Victor Basa and Jinoe Gavan who seemed to be as excited as I am to try out Parkour for the first time.

Schick Exacta 2

Why parkour, you ask?

Because just like Schick Exacta 2, a parkour pro going through obstacles with the greatest of ease and smoothness is a joy to behold.

Schick Exacta 2

The grace of parkour, perhaps, is the best way to analogize how smooth Schick Exacta 2 is when performing what it does best – giving anyone the smoothest shave one could ever ask for.

Check out the slideshow below to see my smooth moves (Hahaha!) and how much fun we had!

You could liken me to one of those rough crude shavers, trying hard to perform as smooth as possible but with great effort and futile results. Haha!

Schick Exacta 2

But all’s well that ends well, as they say. And I believe, for a novice, I passed with flying (no pun intended) colors!

Well, just like parkour, any guy knows how important smoothness is when it comes to having a really good shave. It’s such a pain when using a so-so shaver and you try really hard to cut off strands of hair that are difficult to reach.

Thankfully, I learned about Schick Exacta 2. God knows how important an effortlessly smooth shave is.

And so… if a parkour pro’s abilities are agility, strength, grace and speed, what features of the Schick Exacta 2 can be likened to it? Let’s check it out…

Schick Exacta 2 features

Schick Exacta 2 Disposable

The Schick Exacta 2 Disposable shaver boasts a Non-Slip Rubber Grip and Vitamin E on its lubricating strip. Apart from that, it has Push Clean for Easy Rinsing which makes it a cinch for anyone to clean their shavers after. This makes their disposable shavers last longer. It also has 2 thin blades for an awesomely precise shave. And it only costs Php 22.50! Sweet!

Schick Exacta 2

The Schick Exacta 2 System is something heaven knows we could all use in order to have smoother and cleaner shaves with less effort. It’s got everything you’d ever need for an amazing shaving experience without hurting your wallet: Php 79.00 for a kit, Php 38.00 for refills.

Schick Exacta 2

Schick Exacta 2

Schick Exacta 2

Schick Exacta 2

Pretty cool, eh? And hey… even if I don’t have a lot of facial hair, that doesn’t make me less deserving of a better shave or less picky of what shaver to use.

That’s why I’m all for the Schick Exacta 2. A great smooth shave is part of any man’s proper hygiene and adds a whole lot to a person’s confidence.

Oh, by the way… did you know that there is a really awesome Schick Exacta 2 contest that you can join? It’s called the Schick #SmoothLee Adventure! It’s really fun and easy to join.

Schick Exacta 2

Up for grabs… an incredibly fun trip for 2 to Hong Kong and Macau! If you don’t win the grand prize, the 2nd and 3rd prizes are nothing to sneeze at either – an Apple iPad Air (16GB) and a Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 respectively. Now THOSE are awesome prizes worth joining a contest for!

Joining is simple. Here’s what you should do:

  • Download the Smooth Lee mobile app (iOS & Android).
  • Create your Schick TV Commercial using the app.
  • Video will be converted to YouTube.
  • Consumer will be prompted whether to share and/or join promo.
  • If you choose to join the promo, consumer will be promoted to register in the Schick website, submit entry, and LIKE the Schick Facebook Fan Page.
  • Schick Philippines will screen the videos submitted.
  • Upon approval, video will be made public via Schick Philippines YouTube account.
  • Qualified entries will be posted on the Schick FB page.
  • Open to all males aged 18 and up.
  • All entries will be raffled off. Grand prize wins a trip to Hongkong/Macau (4 days 3 nights with Ocean Adventure, HK Disneyland, city tour, and $500 USD pocket money,). Second prize wins an Apple I-Pad Air 16GB . Third prize wins Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 (SRP – P18,990). There will also be 50 consolation Prizes – 5 Weekly consolation prizes or a total of 50 winners for 10 weeks – Schick gift packs.
  • Promo Period has been EXTENDED to November 30, 2014!!!

Hey! Guess what…? I made my own Schick TV commercial and it’s absolutely hilarious! Check it out…

Did you enjoy watching that? Cool, right?! It only took me seconds to complete my own video. Start making your own now!

For more information, check out the instructional video below…

You can also go to the Schick Philippines website for the full contest mechanics.

For additional promo announcements, you can head over to the Schick Facebook Fan Page.

So… Good luck with the Schick #SmoothLee Adventure contest!

Don’t you just wish that everything you do in life (including your love life) could be as smooth as a Schick Exacta 2 shaver? Haha!

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