Globe’s Project 1 Phone – A call for good.

I’ve always believed that each and every one of us, no matter the stature or where we are in life, can create great change if we just come together. Change for the better.

If we all just unite our efforts for a common cause, amazing things can truly happen.

We’ve seen it happen time and again, haven’t we?

It is with this belief and my deep desire to help our less fortunate brothers and sisters that I am encouraging you to join countless others, including myself, by being one with us in Globe’s Project 1 Phone (#Project1Phone) advocacy.

Project 1 Phone

Project 1 Phone is a campaign spearheaded by Globe Telecom to encourage people to donate their old phones and gadgets (working or non-working) in order to help build new schools in Aklan with the help of Habitat for Humanity Philippines.

Project 1 Phone - Globe
This is my one phone! By donating this to the #Project1Phone advocacy, I get to help build new schools in Aklan! Become a Project 1 Phone ambassador and donate your old gadgets today!

Any form of “e-waste” is welcome. You can even donate old cellphone batteries, chargers, game consoles, remote controls and more.

Project 1 Phone
Some of the old devices our family is donating to Project 1 Phone.

I’m sure you can find a couple of old things that you can donate in order to help out Project 1 Phone.

Please watch the video below to learn more about Project 1 Phone.

Project 1 Phone is another wonderful opportunity to express our compassion and love for others as a people and to become a channel of blessings to those in need.

Project 1 Phone
Join #Project1Phone together with me and my wife as well as countless others by donating your old and non-working phones and gadgets.

Apart from being able to help others, each donated device entitles you to one raffle entry. A monthly raffle draw will be held by Globe, and one lucky winner gets an iPad Air!

[themify_quote]Project 1 Phone is part of Globe’s continuing effort to rebuild the nation after Typhoon Yolanda, and our commitment to sustainability. Project 1 Phone, a call for good.[/themify_quote]

Visit the Project 1 Phone page to know more.

Photography by Sandro Paredes
Makeup by Xeng Zulueta

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