Avengers Infinity War Teaser! OMG!

If you got absofrickinlutely stoked seeing the poster of the upcoming Avengers Infinity War poster. You are going to go crazy watching the Avengers Infinity War teaser which Marvel showcased during their brief event earlier.

Avengers Infinity War Teaser

Granted that this Avengers Infinity War teaser was recorded using a cellphone, it still is a decent copy. And the sound of screaming fans in the background just adds to the overwhelming excitement most of us comic geeks already have.

Avengers Infinity War Teaser

I uploaded it to my Facebook account instead of using YouTube since we all know how fast they take down videos there. So, hopefully this video lasts longer online because of it. Either way, watch it now in all its glory while it’s up.

Are you ready for it? Can’t wait… well then, watch it below and enjoy! I’m sure you will.

Can’t wait! Bring it, Marvel!



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