The KIT KAT Break Movement – My 4DX movie experience

Oh, boy! Talk about an awesome KIT KAT Break Movement! When I was invited by Kit Kat to kick back and join them for a movie break, boy did they make sure that everyone who’d be there would be blown away.

What better way to enjoy a thrilling and eagerly anticipated comic book movie like Transformers: Age of Extinction than to experience it on the brand spankin’ new 4DX Cinema at Bonifacio High Street.

Kit Kat Break Movement

Together with my wife and a few really cool friends from Nuffnang Philippines, we excitedly went to BGC to try out the much talked about state of the art 4DX Cinema. It also happens to be the first of its kind here in the Philippines.

Kit Kat Break Movement
The pretty ladies of Nuffnang Philippines (Nuffies) – Arianne, Mar & Jel

We braved the heavy rains on our way to the KIT KAT Break Movement movie screening cause I sure as hell didn’t want to miss this opportunity. Tickets are quite difficult to purchase for the 4DX cinema because they’re usually sold out weeks earlier. And given that this new entertainment spot had a ton of rave reviews, I was absolutely curious to know what 4DX movie goers have been going gaga over.

Since we arrived at the 4DX Cinema quite early, we had a lot of time to hangout with our pretty “Nuffies” before showtime. Not only that… I had more time to munch on the seemingly overflowing KIT KAT supply that was being handed out at the kiosk nearby (My wife knows very well how much I love KIT KAT at home).

After a few good laughs with friends and guests, we were informed that people could finally start entering the theatre. Woohoo! My Kit Kat Break Movement movie experience was about to begin.

Kit Kat Break Movement

We fell in line and, as we went in, our 3D glasses were handed over to us. 4DX uses passive 3D glasses which actually look like regular shades.

Kit Kat Break Movement

We were eventually led to our seats by an usher. The seats are totally different from your typical cinema seats since these ones are noticeably more elevated and have footrests.

Kit Kat Break Movement

My wife and I were really excited to find out how much of the buzz surrounding the 4DX Cinema was real and how much of it was simply hype.

My KIT KAT Break Movement movie experience

KIT KAT started off the screening with a really cool video ad which they showed guests on the big screen. It was an invitation to everyone to visit and join the “Agents of the Break Movement” wherein you and 4 of your chosen friends can create a your very own KIT KAT Break Movement trailer! Yup! You can also generate your own KIT KAT Agent Name which is also pretty awesome!

It was super cool! But I’ll get to that later on. Lemme tell you all about my KIT KAT Break Movement 4DX movie experience first. Read on…

When the KIT KAT Break Movement movie screening began and Transformers: Age of Extinction started, it was immediately obvious that the 4DX experience was something very special. The seats shook in time with cinematic explosions. Scenes with sudden sequences and intense action were made more realistic with 4DX Cinema’s bursts of pressurized air on your face coming from a nozzle attached to the rear of the seat in front of you. When panning shots and aerial movements were on screen, our seats slowly tilted and swayed, giving you an incredibly immersive feeling. Amazing.

Kit Kat Break Movement

By the end of the KIT KAT Break Movement movie screening, I was like a little kid who couldn’t stop talking about how awesome the experience was. No wonder people who have been to the 4DX Cinema have come out giddy and blown away. It was everything I had hoped it would be and so much more.

Would I recommend the 4DX Cinema to others? Damn straight, I would! And yes, I would most definitely be back for more 4DX Cinema goodness.

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Join the KIT KAT Agents of the Break Movement!

Remember earlier when I spoke about how you can have your very own KIT KAT Agents of the Break trailer? It’s ridiculously easy and very cool to watch once you’ve created one already.

Since I am supposed to select 4 friends (or family members) to join my team, I picked my wife, my 2 kids and my dad to be part of the trailer I created. It took me a good 5 minutes only to finish my own KIT KAT Agents of the Break trailer.

Check out my awesome trailer below…

Amazing, right?! Apart from that, I also generated my own KIT KAT Agent Name. Look!

Kit Kat Break Movement - Agent Name

Yeah! Pretty impressive qualities on my KIT KAT Agent Name, wouldn’t you agree? Can’t complain at all… Hahaha!

Wondering how you can make your own trailer and generate your KIT KAT Agent name? Simply join the KIT KAT Break Movement by heading over to the KIT KAT website at and login using your Facebook account.

From there, you can immediately begin creating your “KIT KAT Agents of the Break Movement” trailer and generate your own equally awesome KIT KAT Agent Name. It’s that easy!

Well… start creating your trailer then WOW your friends and family by sharing it over Twitter and Facebook.

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Kit Kat Break Movement

I’d like to thank Kit Kat for the absofrickinlutely fun and amazing Kit Kat Break Movement movie treat. It’s just as enjoyable as their chocolates! And with that, I raise my stick of Kit Kat and say, “Here’s to more Kit Kat Break Movement treats in the future!” Cheers!

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