Eri Curry – Every curry lover’s happy place!

I love eating spicy food and curry is no exception. Every now and then, I’d ask my wife to whip something up in the kitchen that has a touch of curry in it like Chicken or Beef Curry, perhaps.

But apart from having them at home or heading over to the nearest Indian restaurant (which more often than not ends up quite pricey), it’s fairly difficult to find other places to grab a good curry fix.

Thank God, my wife and I recently discovered what I would (now) consider to be any curry lover’s “happy place” – Eri Curry.

Eri Curry - Megamall

Eri Curry is one of the younger food spots located at the 3rd Level of SM Megamall’s Atrium area and boasts of a totally different take on curry dishes.

With a vast selection of Japanese curry dishes to choose from, Eri Curry is sure to make converts of anyone who is not a lover of spicy food.

When ordering, you are presented with a number of options that Eri Curry’s menu will guide you with by way of an easy to understand step-by-step diagram.

Here’s how you go through Eri Curry’s menu to decide which meal to order:

  • Start by choosing the main viand of your curry dish (beef, shrimp, karaage, etc.)
  • Pick the amount of rice that’ll go with your meal.
  • Choose a secondary viand that you think best compliments your first one.
  • Determine the overall spiciness level of your selected dish.

That’s it! All you have to do after that is to wait a short while until your order arrives.

To know more about Eri Curry and their deliciously spicy offerings, check out their video below…

Did that video stir up your appetite? Here are a few Eri Curry dishes we tried during our visit which you might enjoy yourselves.

A few Eri Curry dishes worth trying…

Fried Shrimp Curry (Php 350.00) with Spinach, Corn and Bacon (Php 80.00)

Eri Curry - Fried Shrimp Curry

Fried Shrimp? Corn? Bacon? I’m sold! I love how the crunchiness of the shrimp’s batter compliments the generous curry sauce. And it’s got BACON! Yum!

Beef Curry (Php 299.00) with Karaage (Php 110.00)

Eri Curry - Beef Curry with Karaage

Chunky beef smothered in flavorful curry sauce and complimented with very crunchy chicken karaage. Very good, in my opinion. I loved this dish a whole lot.

Spinach with Bacon and Butter Curry (Php 265.00) with Quail Eggs (Php 65.00)

Eri Curry
(Image courtesy of The Tummy Traveler)

Another Eri Curry specialty worth trying. Quail eggs make for great flavor neutralizers especially when you get a tad overwhelmed by the curry. Hey… it’s got bacon! That’s should be enough to get your mouth watering. Haha!

Other amazing Eri Curry dishes we also tried are the following…

Thin Sliced Beef Curry (Php290.00) with Mushroom (Php90.00)

Eri Curry - Thin Sliced Beef Curry with Mushroom

Katsu Omelette Curry (Php350.00) with Burger (Php130.00)

Eri Curry - Katsu Omelette Curry with Burger

Beef Omelette Curry (Php325.00)

Eri Curry - Beef Omelette Curry

Perfect for people with really big appetites. Looking to go all out and satisfy that gigantic hunger of yours? This Eri Curry offering will not disappoint.

It is advised to eat your meal as soon as it arrives and while it’s still hot. Nothing beats a steaming hot curry dish. Oh, wow!

To end our hearty and filling meals, we had 2 very light yet refreshing desserts…

Lychee Kakigori (Php190.00)

Eri Curry - Lychee Kakigori

Rainbow Kakigori with strawberry, blueberry and green apple flavors (Php190.00)

Eri Curry - Rainbow Kakigori

This is sure to be a hit with kids because of its colorfulness. And it tastes wonderful, too!

A few days after our first visit, my wife and I decided to take our entire family to Eri Curry again. Sure enough, our kids fell in love with their dishes just as much as we did the first time we tasted ours. Even my dad who usually isn’t too keen on curry food enjoyed it a whole lot.


[themify_quote]Quick Trivia:

Japanese curry actually originated from India, but it was the British who introduced it to Japan in the late 19th century, during Britain’s colonization of India. The Japanese reinvented the curry sauce to suit their taste, adding fruits to their stock to have a sweeter and milder flavor. Today, it is one of the most commonly served dish in every Japanese household and might as well be considered as one of the country’s national dishes.[/themify_quote]

So, there you have it, folks! Curry lovers and those who love to try out new food establishments should head on over to Eri Curry and fall in love with what they have to offer.

Finally, curry has a place to call home where its wonderful and awesome flavor can be celebrated over and over again.

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Contact Details

3rd Floor, SM Megamall Atrium
Mandaluyong City
C: 0917-8212305
Twitter and Instagram: @Eri_Curry

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