My Biogesic “Ingat na Damang-Dama” story

Sometimes, it feels good to not feel… good. Kinda confused? Haha! Let me explain further.

Don’t you love the feeling you get when someone takes good care of you when you’re under the weather? The treatment you get when you have the fever?

Ingat na Damang-Dama - Biogesic

Yung “Ingat na damang-dama”

That’s exactly what I’m talking about.

Ingat na Damang-Dama - Biogesic - Dreyfus MontageIn my case, I get mixed emotions whenever I get sick… I feel terrible, of course… especially when I’ve got tons of commitments, tapings and gigs but am forced to stay at home and recover. On the other hand, though, I also appreciate moments like these because my wife and kids are very expressive about their concern and how they care for me. Their ingat na damang-dama is undeniable.

My wife and kids would prepare breakfast in bed, check up on me every so often, cuddle next to me and never fail to give me my needed medication like Biogesic round the clock.

Ingat na Damang-Dama - Biogesic - Dreyfus Family

I’m very thankful that my family is genuinely loving and sincere. Their ingat na damang-dama makes me effortlessly realize that there is beauty and positivity even in sickness and in bad days.

Ingat na Damang-Dama - Biogesic - Chuck and YenThat, in turn, makes me want to recover faster in order to be able to get back to doing the things that please my family and bring them joy. So, I never forget to take my Biogesic on the dot in order to get better.

That way, I can return the love and care they so generously give me and express my own kind of ingat na damang-dama for them.

Because, if there is anything in this world that we can give to our loved ones day-in and day-out that never runs out… that is LOVE.

And out of that love, comes our overflowing ingat na damang-dama for them.

I hope that after reading this, I’ve inspired you to share your own “Ingat na damang-dama” story as well.

I’m sure you all have your own Ingat na Damang-Dama stories. Some of you may have more than just one.

What is an Ingat na Damang-Dama Story?

It is a moment in your life wherein you felt loved and cared for. It can also be a moment when you gave your love and care to those most important to you. Biogesic must be part of this moment as a manifestation of love and care.

Join and win awesome prizes!

Five (5) winning stories will be chosen and will receive P5,000 each. Not only that! The winning stories will be made into short films by select young filmmakers with the guidance of veteran directors.

Pretty cool, huh?

How to join…

It’s very easy to join “Ingat na Damang-Dama Sineserye Year 2”!

To be able to join, simply LIKE the Biogesic Facebook fan page and visit the dedicated tab/app for the Biogesic Ingat na Damang-Dama Sineserye Year 2 contest. You can submit though the contest app itself, through email, or via Instagram. Don’t forget the hashtags: #IngatNaDamangDama & #Biogesic

Biogesic - Ingat na Damang-Dama poster

It’s that simple, see?

Well, get right to it… just like me, I’m sure everyone’s eager to know about all your unique Ingat na Damang-Dama stories.

Good luck, guys!

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