The Philippine Star Pagesuite App

I vividly remember having a daily delivery of The Philippine Star brought to my desk every morning as part of our high school class’ morning ritual back in the late ’80s and early ’90s. It was actually good training for us kids back then.

I actually love reading the newspaper. I grew up flipping through the pages of my father’s daily broadsheet delivery. Early on, I’ve been taught to be constantly aware of our current events and happenings.

Today, though the medium of learning about the news has significantly changed, my desire to be constantly “in the know” hasn’t. This is actually a very good thing. And just as this habit has been ingrained in me by my parents, so should we do the same to the kids of today.

In fact, because of the internet and the power of social media, this generation now has more ways of gathering news and learning about them much faster.

But where to look for accurate and credible reports is the tricky part. Anyone with a smartphone and a Twitter or Facebook account can immediately become sources of different kinds of news. But how verifiable? That is the question.
Good thing I discovered that one of the biggest broadsheets in the country, The Philippine Star, has come up with an app that provides the same high standard of news reporting but at the same time, catering to the reading habits of this newer generation.

It is called, “The Philippine Star” Pagesuite app. You download it on the AppStore just like any other normal app. The only difference is that, this app installs into your iPhone’s built-in “Newsstand” app instead of the usual standalone type.

Philippine Star Pagesuite App

After installation, the Philippine Star Pagesuite icon appears like a subscription on your Newsstand’s rack display ready for reading. One simple tap on its icon and it starts loading its contents. After a short while, you have immediate access to the latest issue of The Philippine Star. Nice!

Philippine Star Pagesuite App

How to use the Philippine Star Pagesuite App

For first time users, the Philippine Star Pagesuite app will give you a very brief tutorial on how to easily move around and navigate its other sections.

Philippine Star Pagesuite App

The app, once opened, looks very similar to its print counterpart. Just like The Philippine Star broadsheet, the headlines jump at you with a good number of other notable front page stories following it. Its got a very clean layout and the app is pleasantly easy to use.

Philippine Star Pagesuite App

Navigation on The Philippine Star Pagesuite app is straightforward. Even without an initial tutorial, I was able to jump from one topic to another and switch to other sections and categories inside the digital newspaper without any difficulty. Interface is significantly user friendly even for older generations who are intimidated by this kind of technology.

Philippine Star Pagesuite App

Just like its print counterpart, The Philippine Star Pagesuite App features all of the content one expects from a broadsheet. And with all of the sections laid out in one fluid layout, it didn’t leave me wanting.

Philippine Star Pagesuite App

The font and colors of The Philippine Star Pagesuite app didn’t strain my eyes even the least bit. I was delighted to see that the layout of the application isn’t cluttered, giving me or anyone for that matter a reader friendly experience.

Philippine Star Pagesuite App

I’m glad that The Philippine Star finally came up with an app that marries both the old and the new quite seamlessly. The digital broadsheet will most definitely appeal to what we now call, Digital Natives, as well as an audience that is still trying to make the transition from traditional paper to modern book readers.

But hey… the best way to know more about The Philippine Star Pagesuite app is by experiencing it first-hand. So, head on over to the AppStore and check out this free download yourselves.

While you’re at it, go get the devices of your significantly older relatives and download The Philippine Star Pagesuite app for them as well. Happy reading, folks!

You can check out The Philippine Star’s Official Facebook Page and Twitter account for more information.

Likewise, you can download The Philippine Star Pagesuite App here: iOS and Android

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