The Native Union Jump Cable – Portable Power!

Friends and family know how paranoid I get concerning low battery problems on my smartphone, including my other gadgets.

That pretty much explains why I carry a ton of power banks in my sling bag every single time I’m away from home. A ton of power banks is in no way an exaggeration. On any given time, I’ve got 4-5 high capacity power banks to supply every device my family uses.

But there are times wherein you just feel like traveling light especially when gadget usage isn’t too demanding.

Native Union Jump Cable

That’s why when the Native Union Jump Cable was introduced to the market, I immediately jumped on the opportunity to have one.

Native Union Jump Cable

It just makes perfect sense. The Native Union Jump Cable is an ultra portable power bank that easily fits inside a jeans’ change pocket. With 800mAh of power, it can provide 30% extra battery power to a smartphone.

30% extra power is more than enough for that all-important phone call, critical decision-making email, or even that small window to complete a much-awaited deadline.

800mAh may seem insignificant for some, but believe me… the Native Union Jump Cable serves a purpose. These are one of those devices that you don’t seem to need at first thought. But as soon as you have one, you’ll immediately realize its real importance.

Native Union Jump Cable

The Native Union Jump Cable comes in two versions, by the way. One designed for iOS devices (Lightning Cable), and another one for Android (Micro USB).

Don’t be fooled… the Native Union Jump Cable also doubles as a data sync cable enabling you to connect your smartphone to your workstation. Pretty functional, if you ask me.

Native Union Jump Cable

Final thoughts on the Native Union Jump Cable

My final thoughts on the Native Union Jump Cable – 30% may seem like nothing to someone who has tons of battery power on hand. But for someone whose device is just at the brink of conking out halfway through a crucial online task or in need of making a critical phone call, the importance of an additional 30% power means everything in the world.

The Native Union Jump Cable has a retail price of Php 2,250.00 and is sold in all Beyond The Box and Digital Walker branches in and around the metro.

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