Allergic ako sa maraming bagay. Ikaw? #AllergicAkoSa

Allergic ako sa - Allergic AliceA few weeks ago, I chanced upon a very cute tagalog music video which featured a girl named, Allergic Alice, singing about all of the things that she is “allergic” to. The song in the video is entitled, “Allergic Ako Sa” (#AllergicAkoSa).

I found it very amusing because it was a very pinoy play on the word, “allergic”. In the “Allergic Ako Sa” music video, Allergic Alice sings about her pet peeves – people, things and situations that irritate her a whole lot.

Check out the “Allergic Ako Sa” music video below…

Allergic ako sa maraming bagay…

This amusing video got me thinking of my very own pet peeves. God knows I have a ton of them as well…

  • Allergic ako sa reckless bus and jeepney drivers
  • Allergic ako sa jejespeak
  • Allergic ako sa mayabang

I could go on and on and on. I’m sure you have a couple of pet peeves, too! Maybe you even have more than I do… LOL!

Allow me to zero-in on one of my all time pet peeves – the HUGE MAJORITY of Filipino’s who have total disregard for simple rules and regulations. The lack of discipline most pinoys are notorious for – things like not falling in line or waiting your turn, jaywalking, littering, ignoring loading and unloading signs on the street.

I actually shot a short video clip when I visited a hospital just recently. While waiting by the corridor, I noticed how most pinoys completely ignore instructions. The video I shot best shows how incapable a good number of Filipinos are when it comes to following even simple signs.

Watch my short clip below…

Sad, right? Oh, well…

Anyways, going back to Allergic Alice’s cute “Allergic Ako Sa” (#AllergicAkoSa) music video, I recently discovered that there is another version of this video which was recently released that talks a lot more about the first version. Yup! Check it out…

This time, Allergic Alice realizes that most of her pet peeves and causes of irritation are literally brought about by real allergy sources. Hahaha! Very witty.

It’s really cute when you watch both versions one after the other, too!

So, just like Allergic Alice, what makes you sneeze, cough and tear up due to allergy? Dust, smoke, a type of food, perhaps? We all have our own allergy stories, too. Share them on the comments section below.

Hey! While you’re at it, why not share your pet peeves as well. Cheers! :)

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