MyPhone Infinity – A hands-on, no-nonsense review.

The MyPhone Infinity is here. It’s sleek. It’s sexy. And it looks nothing like those cheesy plastic-ish local phones we’ve grown accustomed to seeing being sold all over.

MyPhone Infinity

In fact, the MyPhone Infinity’s design and form factor kind of resembles a larger iPhone 5. Anyone who’s held this phone in their hands and have seen it firsthand would agree. That’s not a bad thing, actually.

MyPhone Infinity

You’ve probably also seen the specs of this phone from various sites already. I am not going to delve into that anymore. I’ll pay more attention to MyPhone Infinity’s actual performance – the kind of information a regular joe would find more handy and useful.

Forget all the nitty gritty geeky specs that most tech sites provide for any particular smartphone. True, it may provide useful information for the nerdier bunch but in reality, all one really wants to know are things like…

  • Does it have a good camera?
  • Does the device have enough storage space for my apps and photos
  • Will battery life be a problem?
  • Is it user friendly?
  • What is the resale value?

Things like that.

So, without further ado… let’s get right to it.

MyPhone Infinity – Overview

The MyPhone Infinity (as with most, if not all MyPhone models) accomodates two (2) simcards.

MyPhone Infinity

MyPhone Infinity

The simcard slots can be found on both sides of the phone.

MyPhone Infinity

The package comes with the usual accessories one would expect from it. Earphones, charger, a flat (tangle-free) USB cable, quick start guide and warranty.

Look! A flip cover… Cool!

One thing that I didn’t quite expect to go with the package is its very own protective flip-cover.

MyPhone Infinity

This flip-cover is specifically designed for the MyPhone Infinity as you will soon find out when you use it.

MyPhone Infinity

The protective case looks very classy too.



The unit also features a non-removable battery. Those who want more juice or were planning on bringing extra batteries along are out of luck. Your best bet is to bring power banks in your bag (like I always do). Oh! Don’t forget your charger, too! Why? Because with an Octa-Core processor running the device, some users might find the non-removable 2,350 mAh Li-Ion battery too small. This really depends on your kind of usage. Either way, more power is better than low power any time of the day.


MyPhone Infinity

I am very impressed with MyPhone Infinity’s display. Absolutely stunning. You can hardly see pixels when viewing images or reading small text. The brightness and color of the screen is a joy to experience. This is probably one of the first things you will notice when using the Infinity.

MyPhone Infinity – Camera and Photos

The MyPhone Infinity sports a 16MP rear camera and 8MP front camera. It’s quite the shooter, really. And it actually does take great photos. In fact, I’ve actually seen other “branded” phones take TERRIBLE photos regardless of lighting conditions. Suffice to say, I was very happy with how the MyPhone Infinity works its cameras. Even the front cam is amazing. Try taking a selfie using the front 8MP camera in optimal lighting and you’ll immediately fall in love with the definition it produces. Zooming selfie images show very minimal distortion or pixelation.

Check out my daughter’s wacky selfies using MyPhone Infinity’s front camera…

Pardon the weird faces… my daughter loves to contort her face into all sorts of funny (sometimes disturbing) facial expressions… LOL!

Here are a few images taken using the rear camera…

Very detailed and beautiful, I must say. Some of these images even have incredible depth of field. Here are some more incredible rear camera photos…

MyPhone Infinity Rear Camera Test Photo

MyPhone Infinity Rear Camera Test Photo

MyPhone Infinity Rear Camera Test Photo

It would probably give high-end camera phones a serious run for its money. It’s that good. Some of the images seem a bit dark but a good camera app with ample post-processing will help.

Download an app like VSCO to compliment MyPhone Infinity’s awesome camera and you’ve got a runaway winner.

Full Resolution Images

If you’d like to check out the untampered full resolution images of the rear and front camera photos for further scrutinizing, you can get them here.

Image File Sizes

My only concern are the images’ huge file sizes. Of course, no one expects a 16MP camera to produce images with small file sizes but 4.6MB to 5.3MB per photo (at full resolution) is a going to be a problem for some people who take A LOT of pics. But given the detail and fine resolution of the images, some wouldn’t probably mind the inconvenience.

Photos taken using MyPhone Infinity’s front camera have file sizes that average around 3.6MB.

MyPhone Infinity

Faster speed = Faster heat?

The rear side of the MyPhone Infinity (near the camera) seems to heat up quickly and quite tremendously especially when running in camera mode. It could be because of the unit’s type of casing or maybe because that particular side of the smartphone is acting as a heat sink. Remember, we are using an Octa-Core device here. So, it may be one of the main culprits for the accelerated heating of this smartphone. Either way, the heat is rather hard to ignore. It may or may not be an inconvenience but I am just putting it out there so you wouldn’t be surprised when using it.

MyPhone Infinity

Memory and other notable features

The MyPhone Infinity doesn’t support expandable memory. It sports an internal storage of 16GB which, again, may or may not present a problem depending on the kind of user you are. The upside on the other hand is that the MyPhone Infinity has USB-On-The-Go support which allows you to connect an external storage device to transfer all sorts of data from your phone.

Apart from Wireless Display, the MyPhone Infinity also supports WiFi, Bluetooth, and 3G HSPA+.


Speed is very evident when using the Infinity especially when multitasking. The device hardly ever seems to lag and applications run effortlessly. The Octa-Core is no doubt put to good use on this phone.

MyPhone Infinity


Overall, the MyPhone Infinity is one helluva device. You will be most delighted, in my opinion, with its superbly crisp and clear display as well as the smartphone’s impressive front and rear camera.

Would I recommend the MyPhone Infinity to others? Most definitely. Not only does this device deliver on performance but on the “good looks” department as well.

At a retail price of Php 12,999.00, I don’t think you can find any other smartphone that can outperform, let alone match MyPhone Infinity’s capabilities and features. This device might even pleasantly surprise a good number of you by outclassing a few branded (and far more expensive) smartphones currently sold in the market.

What are your thoughts?

Leave comments and questions below. Let’s start a discussion.

The MyPhone Infinity is available at select MyPhone Stores and Kiosks nationwide – Cash & Carry Makati, Waltermart North Edsa, Festival Alabang, SM City Taytay, Waltermart Makati, SM Lipa, SM Calamba, SM Pampanga, SM Clark, SM Baguio, Victory Mall Balanga, SM Cebu, SM Iloilo, KCC Mall Gen San, selected Allphones outlets, selected Automatic Center outlets, selected E-Phones outlets, selected MX Mind Alliance branches, MyPhone P. Aldana Branch, and MyPhone Shoppers Branch. It is also available at all MyPhone partner retailers.

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