Globe Wanderland playlists via GoSURF and Spotify!

All roads lead to a musical wonderland called “Wanderland” (Yep! Don’t be confused…)!

Globe Wanderland is an awesome music fest that happens on May 17, 2014 at the Globe Circuit Events Ground, Makati. This very happenin’ event is headlined by some of the hottest acts around – Paper Kites, Royal Concept, Architecture in Helsinki, Lucy Rose, Last Dinosaurs, Woody Pitney, The Ransom Collective, Brisom, Techy Romantics, and Chocolate Grass.

Globe Wanderland changes the music fest game

We’re all used to attending concerts with artists already pre-selecting their performance set list. This time, in a very different yet amusing twist, Globe shakes up the way songs are performed on the Globe Wanderland stage.

Globe Wanderland PlaylistImagine your dream Wanderland playlist being the official set list for your favorite artist. Cool, eh?! Through Globe GoSURF and the Spotify app (my favorite music streaming app, by the way), “wanderers” can choose songs from their fave artists, create their own music fest playlist, and share them with friends and family.

Apart from top international bands, Globe is also bringing in an all-star mix of today’s local acts (also called the #WonderfulAllStars) – Taken by Cars, Kat Agarrado, DJ Mars Miranda, Sinosikat, Sarah Marco, and Inky de Dios.

With Spotify powered by Globe GoSURF, fans were given the power to create their very own dream Wanderland playlist for the Wonderful All-Star artists to perform during the music festival. Awesome!

It doesn’t end there. It gets better… Those with the best playlists were not only rewarded with the rare chance to create the artists’ set list, they were also given tickets to Wanderland Music Fest! One lucky winner was also able to bring home a brand spankin’ new Samsung Galaxy S5! Nice!

Globe Wanderland, here we come! See you all there…!


Spotify is the world’s best music streaming app, with over 30 million songs and hundreds of playlists for every occasion to choose from. Music by the #WonderfulAllStars as well as all your favorite OPM artists can also be found in Spotify. Globe Telecom makes your music streaming experience even more wonderful by giving free Spotify access when you register to Globe GoSURF!

If you want to know more about Globe GoSURF and why I switched to it from my old Supersurf plan, click here.

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