ibattz Mobile Battstation Optimus (20400mAh) review

If you’ve got a mobile device (like a smartphone or a tablet), then you know very well the perils of a dying battery and the urgency of having a good power bank on hand all the time.

All power banks are the same with regards to use and purpose. It is to conveniently provide power to your gadgets anytime anywhere.

What actually makes some power banks better than others are their reliability, capacity and quality.

That being said, what I have with me right now is the ibattz Mobile Battstation Optimus.

ibattz Mobile Battstation Optimus

Compared to a previous ibattz model which I reviewed sometime ago and another one a couple of months back, this one is pretty badass in terms of capacity. The ibattz Mobile Battstation Optimus packs a whopping 20400mAh of portable power (Yes, I said 20400mAh… that ain’t a typo). More than enough for anyone with a slew of gadgets in hand.

ibattz Mobile Battstation Optimus

It comes with 2 USB ports with different output currents (1A for smarphones & 2.1A for bigger devices such as tablets). This makes it easier for you to charge 2 devices simultaneously.

ibattz Mobile Battstation Optimus

The ibattz Mobile Battstation Optimus’ other features

Other notable features of the ibattz Mobile Battstation Optimus are the following:

  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Overheat/Discharge Protection
  • Four LED battery level indicators
  • Built-In Flashlight

This power bank uses a Panasonic Lithium Ion battery which takes roughly about 14-15 hours to charge from 0-100%. Yeah, it may take a bit of waiting to juice it up but that’s quite understandable considering its enormous capacity.

ibattz Mobile Battstation Optimus

The ibattz Mobile Battstation Optimus comes with the usual accessories (1 micro USB cable, 1 Apple 30-pin adapter & 1 Samsung Galaxy Tab adapter).

ibattz Mobile Battstation Optimus

My thoughts

With the amount of power it can store, the ibattz Mobile Battstation Optimus is considerably small and not as heavy as some may think. If you can get past its size and weight which some people are very particular about, the ibattz Mobile Battstation Optimus will provide you with more charging cycles than you could possibly ever need.

It’s actually easier carrying one ibattz Mobile Battstation Optimus around instead of bringing along a good number of smaller power banks in your bag. Besides, with a price of Php 5,450.00, it comes out more affordable, too.

If you are as paranoid as I am about low battery power, then you definitely need this. Even if you think you don’t, you’ll never know when a good number of charges might come in handy.

In one word: Contingency.

Better to have more than to not have enough.

The ibattz Battstation Optimus is sold in the following stores and outlets:
Astroplus, Astrovision, Beyond the Box, Christ Sports Mega, DataMax, Digital Arena, DigiHub*, Digital Hub, Digital Walker, E-Central*, Globotel, iCenter*, iCon, Islands and More (NAIA T3), iStudio, Liteware, Mobile 1, Planet Gadget, R.O.X., Silicon Valley, SM Appliance, Switch, Sync, Technoholics, Tech Ave, The Inbox Store*





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