Globe to launch “GoSurf” tiered data plans?

Globe Telecom - GoSurfI recently read a blog post over at Yugatech’s site about something Globe Telecom is cooking up called “GoSurf” (note that the source isn’t Globe).

According to Yugatech’s post:

“Subscribers will be offered GoSurf plans which is basically 5GB of LTE plus unlimited access to the EDGE network after the allocation is consumed. It’s still basically unlimited access to their data network, only that you’ll be transferred to the slower network once you’ve consumed 5GB of data.”

Personally, if this is true… I think it’s great news!

My thoughts on GoSurf

If Globe’s GoSurf plans are anything like the tiered schemes commonly implemented abroad, my usual 3GB data consumption means that I will be spending less than what I am currently paying now… and so will you, too.

Globe Fair Use Policy - GoSurfLikewise, GoSurf plans will put to rest all the FUP complaints that have been causing quite a stir the past few months.

I’ve yet to hear an official announcement from Globe about GoSurf. But I’m certainly hoping it does happen.

What should we do for now?

Here’s what I think you should do while waiting for Globe’s official announcement… Measure your actual mobile data consumption by using data monitoring apps on your devices the way I did just recently. This will give you a better idea of what GoSurf plan to avail when Globe launches the tiered scheme.

It seems great times are ahead for all of us who are always mobile and constantly online. *crossing fingers!*

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