Crazy over Carmen’s Best Ice Cream! GC Giveaway, too!

I don’t think there’s any kind of sadness or problem a good serving of ice cream cannot fix.

This is a testament to the wonders of our age-old, childhood favorite delight.

But do you know what’s way better than ice cream? Grrrrrrreat tasting and awesomely rich ice cream! The kind that’s oh so flavorful, with texture that’s so silky smooth and milky at the same time, that it seems like the cream is enveloping your entire tongue and coating your palate.

Is there such an ice cream, you ask? If you look hard enough, yes. And I was fortunte enough to discover where wonderful ice cream can be found.

Carmen’s Best.

Carmen's Best Ice Cream

Carmen’s Best Artisenal Ice Cream is one of the best (if not the best) ice cream brands anywhere in the metro. There are a few good reasons why people have started talking about it and kept multitudes coming back for more.

During my visit to the Echo Store at Serendra (which distributes Carmen’s Best), I was able to briefly talk to the ice cream brand’s gracious and very friendly owner, Mr. Paco Magsaysay.

During our little chit-chat, I was able to learn more about Carmen’s Best which made me appreciate it even more.

Paco explains that butterfat is mainly what makes ice cream “creamy”. It is the component that gives ice cream its rich texture and flavor. Carmen’s Best, according to him, does not scrimp on butterfat as other ice cream brands do. Scrimping on butterfat shortchanges the customer of a products taste as well as sensation.

Mr. Magsaysay happily explains that the quality of every Carmen’s Best product is of utmost quality. They can vouch for every product put out because the milk they use comes from their very own dairy farm.

Apart from this, Carmen’s Best Artisenal Ice Cream never mass produces their creamy creations. This is something Mr. Magsaysay takes pride in. Why does he discourage mass production? Because more often than not, this type of process compromises quality.

And we all know that “quality” is the end all and be all of any product.

Quick trivia! I found out that Paco named Carmen’s Best after his daughter, Carmen (now you know).

Carmen's Best Ice Cream - Pistachio
Carmen’s Best Ice Cream – Pistachio Flavor

Some of the Carmen’s Best ice cream flavors I tasted during my visit were Pistachio, Hokey Pokey, Cereal Milk and Salted Caramel.

How good is it, really? Lemme put it this way… if you’re used to the kinds of brands commonly sold in supermarkets and kiosks inside malls, the difference between those and Carmen’s Best is night and day.

Although, I died with joy with every flavorful scoop I put in my mouth, I particularly enjoyed Pistachio the most. Simply because I’m a sucker for anything that has Pistachio. The creaminess, dreamy flavor and strong Pistachio aftertaste was just through-the-roof and over the rainbow.

If you’re one of those who have already tried Carmen’s Best Artisenal Ice Cream, you know exactly what I mean. Now, if you’re one of the few who haven’t tasted it yet, do yourself a favor and try it out.

Carmen's Best Ice Cream

I cannot describe any further how awesome Carmen’s Best Artisenal Ice Cream is. I can go on and on clickety-claking on my keyboard trying hard to convey the childlike happiness it invokes and how amazing Carmen’s Best’s creamy offerings are. But, superb ice cream, as with all kinds of incredible food, must be experienced.

To know more about Carmen’s Best Artisenal Ice Cream, visit their Facebook page at

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