My Otterbox Reflex case replacement

I just wanna thank Ibba Rasul Bernardo as well as Tracey Gonzales and the amazing guys of Tenkie Box for sending over the replacement unit for my damaged Otterbox Reflex case for my iPhone 5s.

Otterbox Reflex Replacement
During my tour of Kuala Lumpur last year, I removed my iPhone off of its Otterbox Reflex casing so I can attach my add-on wide angle & fisheye lens. I placed the Otterbox Reflex case inside my phone’s carrying pouch and inserted it in my jeans’ back pocket.

Forgetting that it was there the whole time, I accidentally sat on it. It snapped the thin plastic bridge located underneath the casing and slightly peeled off some its rubber lining on the side. Impressively, those were the only damages it incurred.

Nevertheless, Otterbox had my damaged case picked up and in just a few days, a brand spankin’ new replacement case was delivered right to my doorstep.

I’m pleasantly surprised by Tenkie Box’s amazing after-sales!

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