Genji M: Sushi, sashimi and rolls of unlimited proportions!

UPDATE (June 27, 2014): Check out my return to Genji M and discover great improvements, more food, lots of promos and huge discount coupons you can print out and use! Check it out!


Got your attention, didn’t I?

The thought of having limitless food is an irresistible one. But common notion is that restaurants with the “unlimited food” concept charge substantially higher, too.

That is true… but apparently (and thankfully), not all restaurants.

Genji M is one of those establishments.

Genji M along Kalayaan Ave., Makati City
Genji M along Kalayaan Ave., Makati City

Genji M is quite a familiar fixture along Kalayaan Ave., Makati City. It’s been in business since October 2013 but operating under the name of “Far Eastern Asian Cuisine” for the longest time until they eventually changed their name to what it is now.

Together with the new brand, the place has undergone a facelift to become a truly local restaurant in Manila.

I recently visited this newly revamped establishment and discovered that Genji M has shifted from targeting foreign customers to now meeting Filipino customers’ taste and expectations.

Just how are they trying to draw droves of new patrons to their restaurant, you ask? By offering a vast variety of UNLIMITED sushi, sashimi and rolls at very affordable prices. Not a bad strategy, eh!

Genji M sushi platter

During my tummy-filling drop by, I was bombarded by waves upon waves of this mouthwatering Japanese specialty… and I wasn’t complaining one bit.

Genji M sashimi

Apart from the very enjoyable appetizer of mixed greens smothered in roasted sesame dressing, I was able to try out some of their amazing sushi and sashimi dishes such as Tuna Belly, Lapu-Lapu, Tuna, Salmon, Octopus, Squid and Blue Marlin.

Genji M sushi barGenji M also brought out some of their innovative creations combining traditional Japanese with Korean food – Bulgogi maki, Samgyubsal sushi and Kimchi Maki. These interestingly flavorful dishes are sure to be a hit with old and new customers alike.

The good folks at Genji M even served Korean Soju, an alcoholic drink made from fermented sweet potatoes. But since I don’t drink, I merely took an itsy bitsy sip just to know what Soju tasted like. It seemed similar to that of vodka. Apart from Soju, this establishment also serves an assortment of liquor such as beer, sake, wine and more.

What I love about Genji M is that they are able to position themselves between high end Japapanese restaurants and low end conveyor belt-type establishments without compromising quality of food.

Genji M’s Main Chef, Mr. Park, has been in the restaurant business for more than 15 years already, providing him more than enough experience and know-how to introduce new menus such as fusion makis, rolls and sushi.

I’m sure you’re very interested to know how their particular unlimited sushi concept works. It’s quite simple, really.

All you have to do is choose from three (3) kinds of unlimited platters:

  • Unlimited sushi and rolls – Php 399.00
  • Unlimited sushi, rolls and sashimi – Php 699.00
  • Unlimited sushi, rolls and sashimi (premium cuts) – Php 1,499.00

After finishing your platter, you may get an order slip (found on your table) and tick the items you’d like to have more of.

Repeat as desired (or until your tummy gives up on you).

We were even served a sushi dish that, for the life of me, I cannot ever turn my back away from…


Genji M - Spam Sushi
Spam Sushi!!!

I know it’s just Spam and rice, but I’ve always been a sucker for glorious Spam! I was as giddy as a kid falling in love for the first time. Hahaha!

Suffice to say, I had a wonderful time that evening.

Social awareness

I spoke with Genji M owner, Mr. Sam Lee, and he told me that he dreams of the Genji M franchise to eventually become a sushi place with wheel-chaired handicap people as chefs. Mr. Lee is hopeful that should this Genji M restaurant become successful, it would pave the way for his dream to become a reality.

Mr. Lee, who is an expert in Corporate Social Responsibility Consulting, also plans to hold fundraising nights every month at Genji M for local NGOs. Wonderful! I sincerely wish him well so that he may lead the way for other restaurateurs to follow suit by seeing beyond the bottom line and having a sense of social awareness.

A Genji M and “All Chucked Up!” surprise

Hey! I’ve got a cool treat for all my readers! Ready?

How does a FREE MEAL COUPON valued at Php 250.00, sound? Amazing, right?! This gives all my readers an wonderful opportunity to try out Genji M without breaking a sweat.

Here’s what to do… print the image of the coupon below and bring it along with you during your visit to Genji M.

Genji M - Free Meal Coupon
Print this coupon and bring it with you when you visit Genji M. Strictly one (1) coupon per person on any given visit only.

This coupon allows you to save Php 250.00 on any order you desire. Remember, ONLY ONE (1) coupon per person can be used on any given visit. Going to Genji M with friends and family? No problem. All you have to do is print one coupon for each person coming with you.

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Genji M is located at Kalayaan & Makati Ave. (Next to St. Giles Hotel). Click here to see Genji M’s location via Foursquare.

Here’s a map to guide you:

In closing, I wish Genji M all the best. May the success of your establishments also translate to the much needed betterment of our society.

I’ll raise a glass of Soju to that anytime! Cheers!

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For Reservations, call 02-804-2883.

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