EyeFly 3D – Pretty fly on the naked eye

3D technology. It’s been the craze and the “in” thing the past few years.

Almost every movie shown in theatres also feature 3D versions of their film. Even most television sets and computer monitors have 3D-capable displays as well. They’re all pretty awesome, you have to admit.

The only drawback of having your own 3D display, though, is the cost of purchasing one. As much as the price of these gadgets have significantly lowered, it still takes a substantial amount of money to obtain them.

Thankfully, there are a few smart individuals who came up with an ingenious thingamajig that converts the screens of your smartphones and tablets into 3D capable displays, enabling you to view 3D images and videos without the aid of 3D glasses.

It’s called EyeFly 3D.

EyeFly 3D Logo“No way!” you say? I don’t blame you for being a little bit skeptical. I doubted the technology myself when I first heard about it.

EyeFly 3D doesn’t use a parallax barrier display which darkens the screen and produces extreme but comfortable 3D. Instead, they use a lenticular lens array to produce high-quality 3D that is natural to the human eye. Get this… on the EyeFly 3D, there are HALF A MILLION lenses sending separate images to your left and right eye. These images are instantly processed into 3D by your brain. Amazing, right?

EyeFly 3D Installation
EyeFly 3D installation instructions

EyeFly 3D looks just like a simple screen protector. You install it as you would any other protective film with only one slight difference… a special EyeFly 3D app should be downloaded and displayed on the screen when installing the film. The app helps you align the seemingly invisible lenticular lens array to ensure that the EyeFly 3D screen works properly.

EyeFly 3D Alignment Guide
EyeFly 3D Alignment Guide

Check out the EyeFly 3D video demo below on how to install the film:


There are two (2) EyeFly 3D mobile apps which you can download for free – EyeFly3D Vid & EyeFly3D Img.

EyeFly 3D Apps - EyeFly3D Vid and EyeFly3D Img
EyeFly 3D Apps – EyeFly3D Vid & EyeFly3D Img

These apps come with default 3D images and videos respectively which you can use to enjoy glasses-free 3D goodness. Not enough? These apps can also convert 2D images and videos into 3D – including videos from YouTube! Now that is sweet!

EyeFly 3D Video Demo
EyeFly 3D Default Video

The very moment I had my EyeFly 3D installed, I eagerly ran the native EyeFly apps to see if this technology is all hype or if it is exactly what they made it out to be.

EyeFly 3DSurprisingly, EyeFly 3D was incredibly “fly” (pardon the pun).

Even the guys who installed the EyeFly 3D screen were excited to see how well this product would produce 3D media.

EyeFly 3D at CES 2014


Currently, the EyeFly 3D is compatible with the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPod Touch 5th generation, iPad Air, iPad Mini and Nexus 7.


After seeing and experiencing EyeFly 3D with my own eyes (and glasses-free at that), I can confidently say that this particular screen add-on will please a good number of 3D fans. It takes a little bit of getting used to but nothing that anyone can’t handle.

My only concern with EyeFly 3D (on my iPhone 5s, for that matter) is that although the screen add-on may seem invisible when not viewing 3D media, it noticeably distorts and impacts the quality of my device’s Retina Display – very small text are skewed and quite a challenge to make out every now and then… and 2D images have a grainy (for lack of a better word) appearance.

I loved how my iPhone 5s’ screen has been amazingly “3D’fied”… but for me, 3D on a small device (like a mobile phone) is more of a novelty than it is a necessity. It isn’t exactly something that I cannot live without. For others, the case may be different, though.

If the thought of having on-demand mobile 3D far outweighs the slight distortion that the EyeFly 3D screen add-on gives to your device’s high definition display, then have at it. It all boils down to preference, really.

Besides, you can easily peel the EyeFly 3D off of your device’s screen when you eventually grow tired of using it.

For more information and technical details about EyeFly 3D, check out the image below (click to enlarge):

EyeFly 3D Technical Details

Wanna know more about the EyeFly 3D or my own personal experience with it? Leave a comment below and let’s talk about it.

The EyeFly 3D retails for Php 1,200.00 and is available at all Beyond the Box outlets in and around Metro Manila.

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