“The Diff” sure makes a whole lotta difference!

Guess what arrived at my doorstep just the other day!

My eagerly anticipated super duper customized iPhone 5s case courtesy of an amazing and fairly new company called, “The Diff”!

My wife’s iPhone 5c case came with it, too.

The Diff iPhone cases

I’m really happy with how my case turned out. I actually sent the image/design I wanted to the cool guys at “The Diff” and they did the awesome work of fitting it in and making it look awesome.

For this particular case, I opted to go simple. Something that shows off my website and its URL without being too loud.

The Diff - iPhone 5s case

My wife loves her new case as well! She wanted the header image of her travel/food blog, “The Tummy Traveler”, covering the entire back of her case. Sweet!

The Diff iPhone 5c case

It’s really cool because you aren’t limited to preset designs. You get to create the look of your very own phone case and that pretty much assures you that no other person will have a case like yours.


The Diff - How to customize your own case

It’s very easy to customize your own case. The Diff’s website has a simple customization page where you can upload an image and scale and position it on your case until your satisfied with its look.

The Diff - Customize page

They even have different kinds of base cases on which your designs are printed on – BnW, Cystal, Frost & Prep.

The Diff - website
The Diff’s website

For those who don’t want to provide their own artwork, a catalogue of really amazing and impressive designs are available, too. You can choose a look that best reflects your unique personality. The Diff also has cases for other smartphones.

Make a Diff now

The Diff - logo

Currently, The Diff charges only Php 295.00 for every phone case… INCLUSIVE of delivery anywhere within Metro Manila. An additional Php 50.00 is required should you need to have it delivered to a place outside the metro. Not bad at all, right?

I encourage you to try creating your own phone case. It doesn’t matter if you don’t believe in your artistic skills because the way I see it, there are no bad designs… only unique ones.

And being unique… makes all the “Difference” in the world.

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