Acer IT Doctors – A cure for all concerns

One of the most important things that matter to me whenever I make a purchase is “after-sales”.

I absolutely hate it when a company thinks that their responsibility ends once a product is already sold to a customer.

They don’t realize how critical follow through is. Most especially in the form of customer support.

Sadly, this is a common problem with tech companies and manufacturers.

We all love electronic devices such as computers and amazing peripherals… but admittedly, majority of Filipinos aren’t really tech savvy, much more IT experts. And though we consumers would definitely need proper guidance or valuable technical assistance when it comes to IT, competent support is hard to come by.

Don’t you just hate it when tech brands promise the moon and the stars just to make a sale, making you feel oh so important. But as soon as you shell out that hard-earned cash… *poof!*

Troubleshooting problems? Installation concerns? Step by step tutorials?

Well, guess what, buddy… you’re on your own!

That’s why when I’m on the lookout for a new product, customer support weighs heavily on my purchasing decisions. So should it be with all of you, too.

Introducing… Acer IT Doctors

Acer IT DoctorsThankfully, global IT brand Acer realizes this important need. From the most confusing and complicated problems, right down to the simplest queries, there is now “Acer IT Doctors” – a dedicated team of IT specialists who aren’t just willing, but competent as well to serve the public for any of their IT concerns.

Not a techie? Not a problem! Acer IT Doctors was created to provide personalized and personified customer service. They can even help guide customers in choosing the right device that best fits your kind of lifestyle and budget. Impressive.

Acer IT Doctors

I was recently invited by Acer to know more about this wonderful initiative and to meet the amazing guys behind it. Together with me during the event were fellow bloggers (and friends) – Abe Olandres, Laureen Uy & Mike Lim.

It was one fun afternoon with Acer IT Doctors – Dr. Dio Vasquez, Dr. Jeffrey Mariano, Dr. Cuki Pendor, Dr. Mikee Taylo and good buddy (and When In Manila founder) Dr. Vince Golangco. I’m really glad I was able to attend the intimate gathering… it was an absolute pleasure meeting all the kind and very warm people of Acer Philippines including their gracious General Manager, Mr. Manuel Wong.

Acer IT Doctors Event

Check out one of recently released videos of Acer IT Doctors below about the amazing and incredibly powerful Acer Iconia W4 2-in-1 Windows 8.1 tablet…

Here’s where it gets absolutely better… you don’t even have to be an Acer user to be able to seek their assistance. Crazy, right?!

Acer IT Doctors cater to everyone regardless of whatever brand you patronize. Get expert help and advice from Acer’s amazing team of trustworthy product managers from its different product divisions – mobile devices, notebooks, stationary devices and other commercial products.

Acer IT Doctors Event

I sincerely hope other brands realize the importance of this kind of service and eventually follow suit. We need more of THIS and less of the marketing crap most consumer brands force down our throats.

But if other tech companies take years to provide a similar kind of service, it doesn’t quite matter that much anymore.

Because, Acer IT Doctors has got us covered.

Good job, Acer!

And THANK YOU for leading the way.

Consult the Acer IT Doctors via Acer Philippine’s Facebook Page and clicking on the Acer IT Doctors tab.

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