Piggy Wiggy – Good times over good food!

Had an amazing time earlier at a fairly known restaurant located at the corner of Dela Rosa and Perea St. in Makati City called, Piggy Wiggy.

Piggy Wiggy

Together with me earlier this afternoon were my wife, Ronnie Henares (my manager), Ida Henares (Tito Ronnie’s amazing wife), Matt Henares (Tito Ronnie and Tita Ida’s son), Roy del Valle, Anna Lisa del Valle (Roy’s wife) and their 12 year old son.

It was an afternoon of good food and great company.

Matt happens to be the hands-on guy at Piggy Wiggy and is generally in-charge of conceptualizing the delicious dishes of this quaint and busy establishment.

Piggy Wiggy Menu

Since my wife, who happens to also be a food blogger, came along, it was the perfect opportunity for her to check out some of Piggy Wiggy’s offerings as well (Watch out for her review soon).

A couple of Piggy Wiggy dishes I really enjoyed…

Chorizo and Pulled Pork Burger

Piggy Wiggy - Chorizo and Pulled Pork Burger

Chorizo and Pulled Pork! Hey… that should be enough reason for you not to ignore this yummy creation.

Fried Tadyang in Aligue Rice (Beef Ribs in Crab Fat Rice)

Piggy Wiggy Crispy Tadyang and Aligue Rice

Crispy Tadyang! Aligue! OMG…! Let’s get right to it!

I felt sorry that Tito Ronnie took roughly an hour (I think!) looking for an open parking slot. I believe he eventually ended up parking at Greenbelt 1 instead. Wow. Good thing the loooong walk to Piggy Wiggy to enjoy the amazing food was well worth it.

Lots of fun stories were shared over food and eventually, over coffee as well. It was also great hanging with Tita Ida, Roy and Anna Lisa.

Tito Ronnie Henares and me at Piggy Wiggy
Tito Ronnie (Henares) and me at Piggy Wiggy

Like I said… good food, great company. How can you beat that combo?!

Thanks for the wonderful time, Tito Ron and Tita Ida! We should do this again and soon! Haha!

Ida Henares, Anna Lisa del Valle, Chuckie Dreyfus, Yen Dreyfus, Roy del Valle and Ronnie Henares at Piggy Wiggy

Happy buddies… happy tummies! Yay!

If you guys are looking for a great place to eat… somewhere affordable but filling and delicious at the same time, head over to Piggy Wiggy. It’s easy to locate. The restaurant is right smack at the corner of Dela Rosa and Perea St., Makati City (very near Greenbelt 5).


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