Marshall Stanmore Review

Very rarely does one chance upon an external speaker that sounds just as amazingly good as it looks.

The Marshall Stanmore is, no doubt, one of those coveted devices. Its gorgeous classic looks invoke a sense of Rock ‘n’ Roll nostalgia that just begs to be brought home the moment you lay your eyes on it.

Marshall Stanmore Review Package

As I slowly opened the packaging of the Marshall Stanmore, I felt like a kid eagerly unwrapping a long awaited Christmas gift. At first, I was excited primarily because the Stanmore’s handsome appearance would make an absolutely wonderful conversation piece.

Marshall Stanmore Review - Full view

During this time, I haven’t test driven the external speaker yet. Boy, was I in for a pleasant surprise… but we’ll get to that in a bit.


Marshall Stanmore Review - Front

The Marshall Stanmore’s sides has an all-leather finish and sports a brass plate with brass controls located at the top of the device. Rubber feet on the bottom of the speaker keeps the 5.1kg device stable and sturdy, preventing slips and sudden movement especially during loud playback.


Marshall Stanmore Rear Panel Controls

With just a few features, the Marshall Stanmore is a no-nonsense, straightforward device that anyone can easily learn. It boasts of a “Powersaver” mode which, when enabled via a switch located on the rear, allows the Stanmore to go into “sleep mode” after a good while of inactivity. Pressing the “wake” button immediately brings the device out of its snoozing state. In “Standard” mode, it works just like any regular external speaker… the Stanmore stays active and ready for playback.

Controls and Input Connections

Marshall Stanmore Review - Controls

The brass knobs, buttons and switches of the Marshall Stanmore are fully mechanical and a delight to use. You are presented with knobs to control volume, bass and treble. It also has a sturdy on/off brass switch, wake and pair buttons, as well as LED lights to indicate which input mode is currently in use.

The Marshall Stanmore supports a variety of input options – bluetooth, line-in via 3.5mm jack (which comes with a cool gold-plated 3.5mm cable), RCA sockets and an optical port (both located on the rear of the device).


Marshall Stanmore With iPad Mini on Table

I was absolutely blown away by the Marshall Stanmore’s audio quality. The brilliance of its highs powered by 3/4-inch dome tweeters were perfectly crisp. A 5 1/4-inch ported woofer provides awesome sounding bass lines regardless of what kind of music you playback. Lower frequencies were also a delight to listen to – pleasantly powerful, smooth and rich. Vocals were absolutely crystal clear with none of the unwanted muddy coloration. Turn up the volume and you’ll immediately realize how mind-blowingly impressive this incredibly handsome device is.

If there is any musical genre that the Marshall Stanmore’s performance excels at, it would probably be on pop and acoustic tracks. Not that it doesn’t perform well on other kinds of music, because it sure as hell does.


With its gorgeous vintage looks and amazing playback performance, it is very difficult not to fall in love with the Marshall Stanmore.

While it is true that there are other external speakers like it that offer the same (or perhaps more) features as this cool cat, none probably comes close to the Marshall Stanmore in terms of appearance, desirability and the feeling of satisfaction one gets in owning such a device.

Marshall Stanmore With iPad Mini

That being said, in my opinion, the Marshall Stanmore’s retail price of Php 19,950.00 is completely justified.

I can confidently say that the Marshall Stanmore will turn more heads than any of its other counterparts in the market.

And in case you still haven’t clearly understood what I’ve been trying to say from the very start, understand this… it is impossible to go wrong with the Marshall Stanmore.

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