Kulinarya Kitchen – Yummy need not be pricey!

Kulinarya Kitchen is one of my favorite restaurants whenever I’m at the Power Plant Mall, Rockwell.

Kulinarya Kitchen Rockwell

It was actually the establishment where my family and I dined at before I departed for Palawan for “Survivor Philippines: Celebrity Doubles Showdown“.

I love how Kulinarya Kitchen is able to make wonderful dishes (in amazingly big portions) affordable and reasonably priced.

Just recently, we had the opportunity to visit Kulinarya Kitchen again to try out some of their other amazing offerings. I would like to share with you a few dishes which really stood out for me.

And though it’s quite hard for a “non-foodie” like me to describe how delicious their offerings are (they really are!), I will let some of my photos do the talking instead.

Some of Kulinarya Kitchen’s creations

Seafood Salad Maki

Kulinarya Kitchen Seafood Salad Maki

I love different kinds of maki. This one is no exception. This crazy good deep fried appetizer consists of shrimp and crabstick inside breaded nori sheets! To make it extra special, this maki is topped with ebiko, drizzled with wasabi vinaigrette, soy balsamic reduction and mango coulis. If you enjoy Japanese food, this dish is a must try.

Hoisin Marinated US Beef Skewer

Kulinarya Kitchen Hoisin Marinated US Beef Skewer

Think of this as a different take on the usual beef kebab. The Hoisin Marinated US Beef Skewer is unique in its own special way – it’s sweet and salty because of the peanut sauce, aioli and a hint of chili oil. This will surely make your belly smile the way it made mine.

Pork Belly con Chorizo Risotto

Kulinarya Kitchen Pork Belly con Chorizo Risotto

Paella and Risotto in one dish? Yes… it’s possible! The Pork Belly con Chorizo Risotto is one of two paella risotto dishes we tried during that day. I loved this so much that I actually had seconds.

Surf and Turf

Kulinarya Kitchen Surf and Turf

Kulinarya Kitchen’s Surf and Turf is an amazing festival of delicious roast beef slices, Shrimp Thermidor, corn, steamed vegetables, cheesy potatoes and parsley butter rice. It also comes with extra gravy just in case you prefer your beef covered with more of it.

Drooling, yet? I bet you are! Well, these are just some of the amazing dishes that blew me away. I am confident you will not be disappointed yourselves.

Kulinarya Kitchen serves up wonderful creations in huge portions that friends and family can most definitely enjoy and feast on.

My simple advice is this… don’t be intimidated through the assumption that Kulinarya Kitchen is pricey based on how the place looks or how deliciously presented their dishes are. That’s what’s great about it. Kulinarya Kitchen is able to provide wonderful food at reasonable costs.

Best to visit Kulinarya Kitchen at the Power Plant Mall, Rockwell to discover why this restaurant is always one of our top choices.

If you’d like a more in-depth review of Kulinarya Kitchen and more of their mouthwatering dishes, check out The Tummy Traveler’s blog post.

P1, Power Plant Mall,
Rockwell Center, Makati City
T: 898-1738 / 1864
Facebook: www.facebook.com/KulinaryaKitchen

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