Globe Fair Use Policy – My mobile data usage experiment (Updated always)

Globe TelecomPeople have been going crazy recently and getting so uptight about this much talked about “Fair Use Policy” by telcos.

Globe Telecom in particular has been taking a lot of heat because of this widely contested and greatly opposed mobile data regulation.

The Globe Fair Use Policy (FUP)

For those who aren’t too keen about what this Fair Use Policy (FUP) is all about, here is a brief overview…

According to Globe Telecom’s website:

The Fair Use Policy of Globe is aligned with the global industry practice of telecommunications providers all over the world. It is intended to ensure that all customers will have the equal opportunity to enjoy the services offered by Globe. As such, the Fair Use Policy may be used to protect Globe customers against entities or persons utilizing Globe services in a manner that runs counter to the intent of the product or service, fraudulent, or exceeding normal standards of use.

To know more about Globe’s Fair Use Policy, click here.

Globe Fair Use Policy

Basically, in a nutshell, customers on a mobile internet promo who exceed 1GB/day or 3GB/month will have their data transfer speeds automatically throttled down to 2G. This prevents the 3% of users who generate enormous volumes of traffic on the network using file-sharing software and torrent applications on their smartphones (or through tethering) to abuse the service.

The Fair Use Policy has always been in existence. It just hasn’t been strictly enforced for the longest time… until now.

Is there reason to panic?

According to Globe, if you don’t use your mobile internet service in an abusive manner such as downloading huge files (like movies, videos and music), there is no need to worry. Globe says that the 3GB monthly allotment is more than enough for any customer who uses his/her smartphone or device for surfing the net, checking email, tweeting, logging on to Facebook, and more.

If that’s the case, then why all the paranoia about exceeding the mobile data cap? Still not convinced that Globe’s Fair Use Policy won’t affect your normal usage?

Let’s test Globe’s Fair Use Policy claims…

I’ve got an idea!

In light of all this hullabaloo, I’ve decided to conduct my own mobile data experiment to find out if all these complaints are simply an exaggeration and blown out of proportion because of consumer misinformation (perhaps fueled by a little “black propaganda” as well).

People who know me very well can attest to the fact that I am a heavy mobile internet user. I am usually online 24/7 doing a ton of activities. Apart from that, I always (yes, always!) stream music whenever I’m in the car, too. This makes me very eager to administer this experiment because my personal data consumption makes me the perfect test subject to determine the validity and truth of Globe’s claims.

Since my Globe billing’s cutoff date is on the 26th of every month, it is very timely that I start this test at the beginning of my billing cycle (that means TODAY).

Here’s what I plan to do…

From February 26th to March 26th, with the help of a data monitor application (“My Data Mgr“) on my iPhone 5s, I will constantly monitor how much data I consume.

I promise never to hold back on my mobile internet usage and continue to use it the way I normally would.

I will keep you all updated from time to time by posting progress reports and data consumption charts regularly on this very post.

I suggest you bookmark this page so you can come back to it every now and then to see how my data usage has be faring.

Start of mobile data consumption test (February 26th)

Globe Fair Use Policy Test

Tomorrow, I will update this blog post by showing my data consumtion for the entire day.

Update 1: Data Usage (1 Day)

Fair Use Policy - Data Usage Result (1 Day)

Here is my mobile data usage after 1 day.

As you can see on the image above, my total usage on mobile data (colored green on the graph chart) is 105MB. Data was consumed through a mix of activities: Facebook, Twitter, surfing, email, music streaming, app updates.

Far too early to determine an approximate monthly total based on only a single day considering that data usage on some days are heavier (or lighter) than others.

I will post another update as soon as an entire week of mobile data usage has been completed.

Update 2: Data Usage (1 Week)

As promised, here is my update after a week’s worth of mobile data consumption.

Globe Fair Use Policy (One Week)

As shown by the green bars on the chart above, my mobile data consumption for an entire week totals to 579MB.

Globe Fair Use Policy (One Week)

The bulk of my data consumption has been by way of wifi (as shown by blue bars on the graph). Because of this, I am still comfortably below Globe’s monthly mobile data threshold. But, we don’t know how much more data I might use up in the coming days and weeks.

For some of you who may be thinking that if I had not been on wifi I would already be nearing my monthly mobile data cap… that may be quite true. But the fact still remains that mobile data was mainly designed to compliment a wired (or wifi) connection. Mobile data wasn’t intended to be used solely.

I shall post more updates in the coming weeks.

Update 3: Data Usage (1 whole monthly cycle)

Here it is. My total data consumtion for one (1) entire cycle.

Globe Fair Use Policy (One Whole Cycle)

Not bad. I still had roughly 360MB of data to spare.

I’ve been getting feedback from other people that Globe doesn’t throttle your speed even when you exceed the 3GB monthly cap so long as you keep your daily data usage below the 1GB threshold.

I suggest you check out data monitoring apps as well. Best to know what your actual data consumption habits are. Know also that mobile data isn’t meant to be used solely.

If you’ve finally determined that 3GBs just won’t cut it, don’t fret. I believe new data packages are coming our way.

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