Flower Power! – Get bouquet discounts using BPI Cards

Valentine’s Day!

Ah, yes… that time of year when flowers are very much in demand and usually a prerequisite for any romantic occasion.

If you’re the romantic type who loves to woo your significant other or maybe just enjoys surprising your special someone with beautiful flowers, then you might want to stick around and read on.

Online shopping for flowers has just become easier and, thankfully, more affordable!

I am really excited about this because my wife absolutely loves flowers. She turns into jello whenever I show up and surprise her with a bouquet of red roses. I’d like to share the good news with all of you as well, just in case you guys are mulling over how or where to buy flowers for your own sweethearts this Valentines.

Island Rose and BPI Cards discount promoIsland Rose is the largest online flower shop in the Philippines. They have a huge selection of bouquets and packages which you could choose from via their online catalogue. Plus, you can craft your own special message and have the package delivered to your unsuspecting loved one.

Credit cards and debit cards are most certainly welcome so payment is a breeze.

Don’t you just love the convenience of online shopping? But wait… it gets better! All thanks to Bank of the Philippine Islands.

Island Rose and BPI Cards discount promo
BPI Cards is the ultimate online shopping companion at Island Rose with an exclusive 10% discount on selections.

BPI Cardholders get an exclusive 10% discount on online orders from Island Rose. Yay!

If you’re one of countless others who have BPI Cards, hooray for you! That means more savings or perhaps the opportunity to buy more flowers. If you don’t have one, don’t fret. It’s easy to get your very own BPI Card.

Remember… Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and planning your next surprise delivery of romantic flowers has to happen soon.

Fortunately, you don’t have to go hopping from one flower shop to the other trying to find the best deal or the most affordable package. Island Rose and BPI Cards have you covered.

Island Rose and BPI Cards discount promo

Note: BPI Cardholders should enter the promo code (first 6 digits of the Credit or Prepaid Card) in the Promo Code field upon checkout to avail the discount.

Who would’ve thought that getting a ton of savings may have you end up getting “lucky” as well? (*wink! wink!*) Hahaha!

Happy Valentine’s, everyone… and happy online shopping, too!

For more details please check http://www.bpicards.com/bpibuys
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