Fitness is our family time

One of the best ways to create wonderful family bonding moments on a regular basis is by encouraging family members to enjoy the activities you love doing.

It doesn’t matter what kind of activity so long as it is wholesome and everyone can get in on the fun. Biking, dining out, movies, game boards, whatever… the objective is to share what you love with family.

Cardio - Running - ExerciseIn my case, it is my love for fitness. I encouraged my wife and my son long ago to enjoy a life with exercise incorporated into it on a regular basis. Early on, I explained to them the importance of investing in a healthy lifestyle which will greatly benefit all of us in the long run.

Whenever there is a chance for me to find ways to further encourage my wife and kids, I immediately take it. And that’s exactly what I did quite recently.

To give my family more incentive to “go out and get fit”, I decided to get all of us matching rubber shoes.

Why rubber shoes? Because it’s cool… it’s about damn time we got new ones… and because I can get them way cheaper abroad using my GCash American Express Virtual Pay.

Fila Running ShoesThe pair of shoes I got had the same prices since the models are practically similar. When I scoured shoe stores here in Metro Manila to see price differences, I was amazed to realize that I’d be saving a ton by getting them online. Here in the Philippines, each pair (same brand) was going for Php 2,700.00 each. Online, they were being sold for only $19.99 (Php 904.55) each. That means I get to save Php 1,795.45 per pair. Doing the math, that’s an unbelievable savings of Php 7,181.81!

Fila Running ShoesApart from getting these items at really affordable prices, shipping via MyShoppingBox is crazy cheap, too! So, you can just imagine how much money I saved by having 4 pairs of running shoes sent over all at the same time.

I only spent Php 2,700.00 on shipping. That still gives me a total savings of Php 4,481.80. Not only that, MyShoppingBox delivers your items straight to your doorstep. I’m sure you’d agree when I say that convenience and savings is a very tough combination to beat.

So, right now my kids and my wife are enjoying brand spankin’ new rubber shoes which means tons of family bonding time over fitness and good health.

Fila Running Shoes

You just gotta love how convenient and fast online shopping is. You save a lot… plus you get tons of options, too.

If you’re interested to know more about GCash American Express Virtual Pay and the benefits of online shopping, visit Globe’s GCash page by clicking here. You’ll realize how safe and secure this method is.

So, you think my family is excited to come with me to the gym during my fitness routines or join me for a good run around the block? Hell, yes!

Here’s to good health… and to great family bonding.

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