SkyBroadband (SkyCable) problems time and time again

It’s sad that I have to write yet another rant on my blog about SkyCable’s internet service – SkyBroadband.

I am trying to bite my tongue so to speak, as I’m clacking away on my keyboard, trying to find less offensive words to say. I’ll just keep this short and sweet brief because I might end up with another long open letter to them.

SkyBroadband (SkyCable)

Just when I’m close to believing that SkyCable has finally fixed their shit and shaped up their SkyBroadband service, I find myself disappointed again.

The past few weeks, our internet connection has been absofuckinlutely slow.

Speedtests of 2-3Mbps is NOT EVEN CLOSE TO SATISFACTORY for someone like me who is subscribed to a 10Mbps connection. I used to get good speedtests months ago… consistent speedtest results of 9.55Mbps-9.80Mbps. But it has gone down to dismal levels once again. Resetting my modem (as per their advice) does not help anymore. There would sometimes be moments of glimmering hope when speedtests would hit 7-8Mbps, but those pockets of speedbursts, albeit still far from my expected speed, are far and few in between.

I certainly hope that they won’t give me the same lame and stupid excuse before which was, “congestion”. Congestion should never be any subscriber’s problem. A service provider should be proactive in upgrading and improving equipment to keep up with growing demand. If they give me that excuse again. They’ll never hear the end of it from me.

If you guys are interested to know how this all plays out in the next couple of days, stay tuned. I’ll keep everyone posted.

Sorry for this sudden rant. It’s been a long time coming… again.

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