Project Wonderful: From relief to rebuild. An act of following through.

“Follow through…”

Michael Jordan - final shot against Utah JazzI remember my dad teaching me this technique back when I was a kid learning how to play bowling. “Follow through” is the act of guiding your actions to completion. In bowling, it is the gesture or movement of your arm and hand moving towards the target long after the ball has left you, seemingly leading the object to its intended target.

Remember when Michael Jordan made that last game-winning shot against the Utah Jazz? How his hand was still up in the air as the ball was flying to meet the basket? Follow through.

As I grew up, I learned that the act of following through is a very important part in all aspects of life as well as the successes of our endeavors.

Even now, I am reminded of this once again with all the relief efforts that have been poured into the Visayas region due to the devastation brought about by Super typhoon Yolanda back in November 8. Though this tragic event brought out the Filipino bayanihan spirit in in all of us, we shouldn’t forget that helping doesn’t only come in the form of relief. Providing relief assistance to millions of people who were left homeless, jobless and hungry is merely the first of many phases and most certainly does not determine the success of all our concerted efforts.

Bangon PinoyA few weeks ago, I talked about Globe Telecom’s Bangon Pinoy initiative – an enterprise-wide crisis and disaster response program which was first launched after typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng four years ago.

The destruction caused by super typhoon Yolanda prompted Globe Telecom to revive Bangon Pinoy. Banking on the company’s technology, resources, and connections, all Globe brands and segments again pitched in and contributed to address the immediate needs of Typhoon Yolanda victims – from food, medicine, water and clothing to access to communications via Libreng Tawag, Libreng Charging and Libreng Internet.

But then… there is still so much to be done. So much.

Think of our relief assistance as the ball or object that has already left our hand. Now, in order to guide these things to completion, we need to follow through.

In this case, “follow through” comes in the form of REBUILDING.

Project Wonderful

Globe continues to bank on everyone’s innate compassion and desire to help by encouraging the public to join its journey towards a new goal with Project Wonderful – rebuilding communities via sustainable development.

Bamboo and Globe - Bangon Pinoy
Bamboo and Globe executives give toys from Bamboo Unwrap Hope concert to the Tattoo Camp in Ormoc that sheltered families of those affected by Typhoon Yolanda.

Project Wonderful is Globe Telecom’s corporate response to nation building

  • Providing shelter to the homeless
  • Bringing education to the children
  • Generating livelihood opportunities for the jobless

All these with the aid of employee volunteers who want to bring the provinces of Palawan, Panay Island, North Cebu, Bohol, Leyte, and Samar back on their feet and have a share in creating a wonderful Philippines.

For the housing sector…

Globe through a P15-million donation of its mobile and home broadband brand Tattoo, will build houses in the Gawad Kalinga Rotary Village in Brgy. Tambulilid, Ormoc, Leyte for the benefit of 100 families as well as provide livelihood projects for the benefit of village residents. Repair kits for 500 homes will also be given to affected host communities in Culion, Palawan; Daanbantayan, Cebu; and Guiuan, Eastern Samar in partnership with Habitat for Humanity while another 940 shelter kits will be distributed in Malaya and Madalag, Aklan in partnership with Non-Timber Forest Products.

For the education sector…

Globe will establish 100 tent classrooms in totally damaged elementary and secondary high schools as well as distribute at least 5,000 learning kits for students and teachers in identified tent schools.

Bangon Pinoy - Project Wonderful - Tent school rendition
Tent school rendition

For livelihood…

Globe will jumpstart the retail trade with its autoload max (AMAX) Retailing Business Package in coordination with the Department of Social Welfare and Development sustainable livelihood program. Capacity-building and enterprise development grants will also be provided to affected communities.

Globe is likewise, coordinating with the Presidential Assistant for Rehabilitation and Recovery (PARR) which is tasked to plan, organize, monitor, and oversee government and non-government efforts pertaining to Typhoon Yolanda.

I sincerely hope other organizations and institutions also realize the importance of following through.

I encourage others to go beyond providing relief assistance to Typhoon Yolanda victims and help fellow Filipinos get back on their feet by supporting initiatives such as Globe’s Project Wonderful.

By doing this… you are, in your own special way, doing an act of following through which is defined in the dictionary as: “To carry an act, project, or intention to completion; pursue fully”.

Ultimately, the entire success of our collective initiatives depend on this and in our conscious effort to NEVER FORGET that much is still needed to be done.

Be part of community rebuilding. Check out the Project Wonderful website at for updates and ways to help.

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