NudeAudio Move L – Sound performance

The NudeAudio Move L is regarded as the BIG DADDY of the entire Move line.

If you aren’t familiar with NudeAudio’s Move line, this entire family of speakers deliberately have a simple look… and with good reason. NudeAudio has allocated majority of their funds for the Move series to research and development instead of superficial aesthetics and external design.

NudeAudio Move L

The NudeAudio Move L – Performance over appearance

It is very evident once you test drive any of NudeAudio Move’s external speakers. The sound these devices reproduce is just absolutely impressive. Although the Move L’s design is a whole lot simpler than most of its counterparts, you can immediately tell upon using it that a lot of time and effort has been put into improving listening pleasure.

NudeAudio Move L

It’s one solid device

The first thing you’ll notice when you hold the Move L is that the speaker is unusually heavy. Considering how majority of its enclosure is made of plastic and silicon, the Move L is deceptively weighty and solid. Most likely because of the two powerful full range drivers and proprietary passive sub-woofer inside it. I actually like how sturdy and unflimsy it feels.

NudeAudio Move L

Rich, warm and clear full-range audio

Among the entire Move family, L is the only speaker that features dual front-facing speaker drivers for stereo sound, plus a bass radiator which improves the speaker’s low-end performance. Bass is richer and mids are fuller without the irritatingly muddy sound. You’ll be pleased to effortlessly hear the thumps of the kick bass, too.

NudeAudio Move L


The NudeAudio Move L was meant to be carried around. It’s entire body is covered in a protective silicon sleeve which keeps the L safe from knocks and bumps. It also has a knotted ring of thick colored rope attached on the upper left corner of the speaker.

NudeAudio Move L


Don’t worry about taking it along and running out of juice. The Move L’s 8-hour lithium-ion battery will provide you with lots of playback time. You also have the option to connect the Move L to an electrical outlet using its very own wall charger.

NudeAudio Move L

Simple and Idiot-proof

The Move L, just like the S and M, is very straightforward when it comes to operation. The top part of the speaker features the power, volume and bluetooth pairing buttons. You can actually work this device even without going through its manual.

NudeAudio Move L


Pairing your playback device is done by pressing the Move L’s bluetooth button down for 2 seconds. Indicator lights for both power and bluetooth aren’t seen unless when lit.

The Move L uses Bluetooth 3.0 technology and provides a range of up to 10 meters or 30 feet.

NudeAudio Move L - Power, Live-In, USB

Power Bank

Just like most external speakers out in the market similar to the NudeAudio Move L, this baby doubles as a portable power bank. All you have to do is plug your smartphone (or audio player) to the Move L’s USB port located on the side of its body along with the line-in and power input ports.

Sorry, folks. No speakerphone.

The only thing missing on the NudeAudio Move L is perhaps the speakerphone capability. I wouldn’t really know why NudeAudio would leave this feature out considering that the Move M sports this ability. That being said, the Move L is still worth your hard-earned moolah.

NudeAudio Move L


So, here’s the bottomline… Among the entire line of Move speakers, the L outperforms its smaller brothers by leaps and bounds in terms of clarity, low-end output and faithful reproduction. Play a track on flat equalizer settings and you get stellar audio output.

You might say, “Of course it outperforms the Move S and M because it’s bigger…”. Alright, I’m with you on that one. Granted, it is bigger and louder. But the Move L will, more often than not, outperform other external speaker brands in its class… yes, perhaps even those that cost a tad more expensive than this one.

NudeAudio Move L

Does it deserve my recommendation? Absolutely… without a doubt.

The NudeAudio Move L is your go-to device for rich, full-range audio performance at the cost of being a little less portable compared to others in its Move family. But that isn’t to say that the Move L isn’t fit to be brought along anywhere you go. And with its retail price of Php 5,990.00, it makes for one amazing investment that doesn’t really dent your budget a whole lot.

Technical Specifications

70 – 75dB
100 – 20kHz
Two 40mm (1.5″) full range drivers; one 102mm (4″) passive subwoofer

Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery for up to 8 hours of battery life
Charge time: 3hrs
3.7v 2200mAh
5v 800mAh

The NudeAudio Move L is available at all branches of Beyond The Box in and around the metro.

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