Urbanears Humlan – Washable and Wonderful

Urbanears HumlanI’ve been testing out the Urbanears Humlan for quite sometime now. I have to say, I really didn’t know what to expect in terms of performance when I first took this new pair out for a test drive.

When I reviewed the Urbanears Kransen a few weeks back, I came out with a fair review stating that the Kransen tends to favor playback material that contains heavier bass and mid-range elements. I mentioned that this particular pair is not for everyone. It is best suited for people who love music with a ton of oomph.

When I wore the Humlan, I kind of pre-conditioned myself to hearing something similar to the Kransen. Boy, was I surprised!

More room to play

The Urbanears Humlan reproduces a flatter response leaning towards clarity rather than focusing on low frequencies. I actually like how this pair performs. It gives you better room to play around with your player’s built-in equalizer if you choose to do so… or you can leave it as is and enjoy a balanced sounding playback.

Urbanears Humlan parts

Apart from the Urbanears Humlan’s impressive performance, I also tend to lean towards “on ear” models as opposed to “in ear” ones that can cause ear fatigue much faster.

But as “on ear” models go, these types of headphones have fabric and foam that easily get dirty. Constant contact of earpieces to a user’s skin and sweat makes the exposed fabric a breeding ground for germs in the long run.

But you need not worry about that with the Urbanears Humlan.

Urbanears Humlan - washable parts and washing bag

Wash and wear

Every fabric and foam wrapped around the Humlan’s body can easily be snapped off and tossed into the washing machine for thorough cleaning. The headphone package comes with a handy washing bag where you can place all the washable parts of the Humlan to keep it secure while inside the spinner.

Urbanears Humlan - Washing Bag and washable parts

In no way are the washable features of the Urbanears Humlan a novelty gimmick. It may seem that way at first, but if you are used to wearing headphones outdoors, you already know that maintaining them clean and presentable eventually becomes a tedious matter.

Keeping your headphones clean not only prolongs its overall life, it prevents you from picking up all sorts of germs and bacteria which can lead to different kinds of sicknesses especially if you lend your headphones to others every now and then, which we all know we cannot avoid at times.

Sound health

So, is the Urbanears Humlan worth buying? Simply put – yes. Yes on two counts… which is all that matters actually. Sound and hygiene.

This pair of headphones will attract those who appreciate clarity over booming bass, just like me. Besides, if you want a heavier floor, you can easily tweak it using an equalizer which most portable players have built-in already. Secondly, being able to wash the fabric and foam of the Humlan, in my personal opinion, is one of its biggest draws. Why are we told to wash our hands regularly? Or why do we have our clothes washed constantly? Because things that are usually exposed to different kinds of elements and come in contact with our body on a regular basis can be cause for sickness and disease.

Dirt, moisture, sweat, smoke… name it. These things, among others, can stick to your headphones. All of them – health risks. But it doesn’t have to be a serious concern if you can easily wash them away.

The Urbanears Humlan, makes that possible.

Here’s to good health.

The Urbanears Humlan has a retail price of Php 2,250.00 and is sold at the following stores and outlets:
A-Shop, Abenson, Astroplus, Astrovision, Automatic Center, Beyond the Box, Bratpack, Complink, Digital Arena, DigiHub*, Digital HubDigital Walker, District 32*, Egghead, Electroworld, Expresso Online, Heima, Hobbes and Landes, iCenter*, iGig, Islands and More (NAIA T3), iStore, iStudio, Lazada Online, Listening Room, Mobile 1, Music Colony, Powerplant Mall, Quicksound, R.O.X., Secret Fresh, Senco Link, SM Music & Video, Switch, Sync, The Inbox Store, Trilogy, Urban Athletics, Vertex

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