Travel Tough With Travelon Products!

Travel bags are a dime a dozen… There are so many of them, trying to outdo the competion by creating sleeker looking designs with bigger capacities.

But that doesn’t mean that when you see one, you’ve seen them all.

While some of these bags and cases may come in really cool designs and carry a ton of your stuff around easily, their primary function is to keep your things safe at all costs… and that’s where quite a number of these products fail miserably.

Whether you’re traveling by air or sea or simply walking around at the mall or on the sidewalk, safety should always come first – not just your own safety, but also the safefty AND security of your valuables.

That’s where TRAVELON products stand out and easily blows the competition out of the water.

Why spend so much on a cellphone or an expensive wallet yet keep it tucked inside a bag that can easily be opened up, slashed or compromised?

I recently attended the Travelon LOCKED AND LOADED launch at the classy and very posh Solaire Resort & Casino.

Travelon Locked and Loaded Launch

During this event, I was introduced to the entire line of amazing Travelon products that are guaranteed to keep your things protected from theft of all sorts… yes, even from digital/virtual theft.

Many may claim to have some or all of the features that Travelon boasts of, but none can definitively state that theirs are far more superior than Travelon’s.

Travelon’s products have a very high trust rating among institutions as well as people who take their security seriously.

Travelon Locked and Loaded Launch Product Collage

All Travelon products also have superior RFID shielding capabilities. This feature protects you from crimes such as identity theft, passport information compromise, and various kinds of wireless methods of stealing data from your digital belongings. These kinds of criminal activities have just gone up more and more because devices used for these methods of theft have become very affordable.

Travelon products are designed to be fresh and current so that it fits your kind of lifestyle. Gone are the stiff, bland looking bags and cases of old.

Travelon Waterproof floating cellphone pouch

Travelon even has waterproof cellphone cases that actually float when dropped in water. It makes perfect sense. What good is a waterproof case that’s accidentally dropped in the middle of the sea if it sinks to the bottom? Good thinking, Travelon!

The President and CEO of Travelon, Mr. Don Godshaw, actually flew in from the US to personally explain Travelon’s brand philosophy.

Travelon Locaked and Loaded - Don Godshaw

Mr. Godshaw also demonstrated and dissected a Travelon bag explaining their products’ anti-theft features.

Check out a short video of my very own Travelon bag which I never fail to use EVERYWHERE I go.

I can easily unstrap one side of the bag so I can wrap it around the backrest of my seat, keeping it secure from theft. Just one of the many amazing features of Travelon bags!

Yen and I with Travelon President and CEO, Don Godshaw

How serious are YOU about your valuables?

If you still don’t have a Travelon bag/case or don’t plan to get one in the near future, it’s high time to reassess your security priorities.

Remember, a victim of theft rarely gets a second chance. Once it’s lost, it’s lost.

Don’t be that victim.


Since 1978, Travelon has been a supplier of travel accessories and luggage. Starting out as a domestic manufacturer of luggage carts, Travelon has evolved into a value-added designer and manufacturer of every essential travel item. Through innovative, often patented product design, backed by outstanding merchandising and dealer support, Travelon now operates as a leader in the travel product industry.

Check out Travelon’s anti-theft bags at The Travel Club stores near you. For outlets, click here.

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