The MOVE S Wired by NudeAudio – Small, Simple & Super

NudeAudio Logo“Never judge a book by its cover”… you may have heard this a thousand times.

Maybe you’ve come across this wise saying time and again because it always holds true.

I have no doubt that this very thought will be the first thing that comes to mind when you meet the “MOVE S Wired” by NudeAudio.

NudeAudio MOVE S Wired

Sure it’s small. Yeah, it looks very simple. But haven’t you ever noticed… most of the smallest people you probably know are the ones who actually speak (and act) the loudest?

NudeAudio MOVE S Wired (side) 1

It’s no different with the MOVE S Wired.

It doesn’t look too flashy and its design isn’t much of a killer. But that’s the beauty of it. It doesn’t need to be anything else than what it promises to deliver – incredible audio quality.

Of course, don’t get your expectations unreasonably high that you might think it can rival those with way bigger speakers (with heavier magnets). But I can tell you this… most external speakers in the same category and size as that of NudeAudio’s MOVE S Wired will be effortlessly blown out of the water.

NudeAudio MOVE S Wired (side) 2Based on what I’ve learned about NudeAudio, most of their company’s budget is seriously allocated to audio quality research. It makes perfectly good sense. Why spend so much money on looks when looks can only take you so far? That doesn’t mean that the MOVE S Wired looks ugly. It actually looks beautifully small and simple.

The MOVE S Wired fits in the palm of your hand easily and seems to be always ready for fun.

The first time I tried the MOVE S Wired, I was immediately impressed.

Audio was crisp and considering how small it is, it had a good amount of kick and low frequency which I didn’t really expect to come out of a device this tiny.

Test Playback

Check out the short “test playback” video (below) I made recently.

Although the video is short and the microphone cannot fully capture the low register of the music, you can tell that the MOVE S Wired by NudeAudio can deliver a lot of ooomph.

NudeAudio MOVE S Wired (back)

Perhaps, the only thing I noticed that seemed quite odd is the device’s unusually short audio cable. I just kind of wish that they made it a bit longer so you can have a little bit more freedom when handling your smartphone or music playback device. But it isn’t much of an inconvenience or a bother.


On a full charge, the MOVE S Wired can last you a good 8 hours of non-stop listening pleasure. Yes… 8 hours. That’s roughly 8 whole music albums. More than enough for any kind of party or get-together.

Daisy Chain

Yes… this seems to be a growing trend for a good number of small portable speakers. Simply link two or more MOVE S Wired speakers together by plugging them into one another using their respective Aux-out ports for BIGGER sound. Cool, right?


NudeAudio MOVE S Wired (box)The MOVE S Wired‘s awesomeness is in its overall simplicity.

Being a sound engineer, I am very particular with clarity. The balance between the low and high frequencies are very important to me. That being said, I love how NudeAudio pleasantly surprised me with the MOVE S Wired’s stellar performance. Like I said, don’t expect a blaring loud output from such a small package. That’s being unreasonable and unrealistic. But the MOVE S Wired, will most definitely surpass your expectations based on what you normally already know about small portable speakers.

Its looks may not be a head-turner… but its audio quality most definitely is. And that is all that matters.

No doubt it’s pretty obvious that the “S” stands for  “SMALL”. But personally, after giving this baby a test drive… more than anything else, the “S” stands for “SUPER”.

The MOVE S Wired by NudeAudio is available at all branches of Beyond The Box in and around the metro.

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