STARSERVE: High Five on Year 5! Thank you!

Just last week, I was part of Digicon Events Management’s annual charity event called, “STARSERVE”!
This is actually my second year to participate in this amazing event wherein celebrities become restaurant servers for a night to help out kids in need.


Last year, we were star servers for T.G.I. Friday’s, Tomas Morato. This year, it was held at Outback Steakhouse along Libis.

Globe Telecom was a major STARSERVE partner this time around.


Apart from me, some of the other star servers that evening were Chico Garcia, Marc Nelson and Princess Velasco among others.

To give you an idea of just how amazingly fun the event was, check out this recap video. Enjoy!

It was really awesome and equally touching to see the eyes of kids light up with joy and laughter.

I look forward to more STARSERVE charity events in the coming years.

More power, DIGICON! Cheers!

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