Poor, reckless and irresponsible parenting!

I saw this family riding a motorcycle along Wilson St., San Juan, heading towards P.Guevarra St. just moments ago. I’m assuming they’re a family based on how they looked. And yes, this family was riding a single motorcycle.


This just screams IRRESPONSIBILITY. For one, I don’t think law allows four (4) people to ride a single motorcycle. Also, I was really irked by how these adults would allow kids to ride WITHOUT ANY HELMET!

And if that isn’t enough, the woman lets one child stand on the seat to get a better view while in transit! Stupid.

So, whoever these individuals are… yes, I judge the both of you as adults and as parents (or guardians for that matter).

I saw a couple of policemen on the intersection where they came from. Why the f*ck did they not do anything about it???

The plate number of this motorcycle is “5731 ON“.

If anyone knows this family, please inform them of their irresponsibility and total disregard of the childrens’ safety.

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