Globe’s “Bangon Pinoy” by the numbers… (Typhoon Yolanda relief and transparency)

It’s been a couple of weeks since Typhoon Yolanda has wreaked havoc and destruction in the Visayas region.

Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) Philippine FlagRelief from fellow Filipinos as well as countless nations from all over the world are continuously coming in and are being relentlessly distributed.

And as much as we love coming together for a common cause, it is equally satisfying when we know where our donations are going to exactly. It’s just but normal for people who give out of love to want to know that their generosity and forms of kindness get to their intended recipients untouched and in good time.

Transparency is key. Especially during times like these when funds are just pouring in and countless local agencies doing relief work leave a lot to be desired.

Bangon PinoyIf you are one of the numerous Globe subscribers who have donated and supported through their #BangonPinoy initiative, you will be pleased to know that their relief efforts to communities hit by Typhoon Yolanda have been continuous.

For those who don’t know, Bangon Pinoy was introduced back in 2009 when Ondoy hit the Philippines. How can we NOT remember Ondoy, right?

Bangon Pinoy‘s objective? Reconnect, Give Hope, and Rebuild. It is Globe Telecom’s enterprise-wide disaster response initiative that unifies all relief efforts as well as their corporate social responsibility programs across its products and services, geared towards the benefit of communities and families devastated by calamities.

In a nutshell, Bangon Pinoy is a sustainable relief program that will continue beyond reconnection and restoration for Typhoon Yolanda, but for all calamities that may happen in the future.

And in light of much needed transparency in relief efforts, Globe has created an infographic of Bangon Pinoy‘s continuous relief efforts. This data gives you an overall idea of how your donations have been used and are being utilized.

Globe Bangon Pinoy Infographic

Some important things to note from the data included in this infographic is that from close to zero, the percentage of network services restored in Visayas today have hit 90% and is nearing complete restoration.

Globe TelecomConcurrent with Globe Telecom’s network restoration efforts, Bangon Pinoy has amazingly been able to set up a total of (get this!) 74 Libreng Tawag stations, 52 Libreng Charging stations, and 24 Libreng Internet stations positioned in most of Visayas’ hard-hit areas.

Not only that. Globe has drastically scaled down and cancelled a huge number of activities as well as spearheaded and supported segments’ individual fundraising efforts to further the initiative. Because of this, Bangon Pinoy has received an amount of P45 million to be allocated to Gawad Kalinga (Tattoo – Gawad Kalinga Village), the Philippine Red Cross, and Bangon Pinoy Camp.

What exactly is Bangon Pinoy Camp, you ask?

Basically, the Bangon Pinoy Camp is Globe’s response to nation building after destruction – to provide more holistic assistance to beneficiaries. At Bangon Pinoy Camp, everyone has access to Globe Telecom’s Libreng Charging service, relief goods, hot meals, and medical assistance. The camp also houses some victims, provides vehicle transportation, and in the absence of electricity, also provides light to the area through its generator.

Globe Bangon PinoyTo give you a general idea, partners on board the Bangon Pinoy Camp include St. Luke’s Hospital, DSWD, Gawad Kalinga, Plan International, SOS Attitude, and Nonpareil International.

Located in Guian, Town Plaza, the Bangon Pinoy Camp started its initial operations last November 27 and has already benefited more than 20,000 families.

Thank you, Globe, not just for all your awesome and amazing efforts but also for that much sought after transparency which we all need right now. I, personally, am inspired to give all the more because a better understanding of where my support and donations are going to.

Good job to all Globe subscribers who have joined the Bangon Pinoy initiative by donating and furthering this cause. None of these efforts would be possible without your generosity and selfless love.

Mabuhay kayo. Mabuhay ang Pinoy.

Bangon Pinoy!

If you have friends and family who have also helped out through Globe’s Bangon Pinoy initiative, please share the infographic above by sharing this blog post on your Facebook and Twitter accounts to show them how their support is making wonderful things happen in the Visayas region.


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