Fast Food Delivery Theft Scam

This particular news from Ms. Raissa Robles‘ Twitter feed has caught my attention and I would like to share it with you.

Fast Food Logos (Pizza Hut, Domino's Pizza, KFC, McDonald's, Burger King, Subway)It seems that criminals are getting more creative in finding ways to steal money from unsuspecting victims. This time, the fast food industry, is their target…. especially those that offer food delivery service.

Their modus…

The thief calls a fast food company pretending to order food.

Fast food company facilitates order and sends the delivery guy on his way. Normally, when deliveries leave their point of origin, they have more than one order to service especially when the areas of these orders are within close proximity. It makes perfect sense since it saves time and money. Note that usually, the delivery guy also carries with him a ton of change which he is supposedly instructed to give the customer upon payment of the bill. For example, if a customer says that he only has a 1,000.00 note for a 200.00 order, the delivery guy would be carrying 800.00 in change.

That’s just for ONE order.

What if he is servicing 3-5 deliveries in one go? Imagine how much money he’s got inside his pocket.

This is perhaps exactly what thieves are targeting when they make their delivery phone call. Not to mention the food as well.

Theft - CriminalSomewhere in transit, probably near an address specified by these criminals, the delivery guy is stopped and robbed at gunpoint.

Indeed, crime rates skyrocket during the holidays… and their ways and means to accomplish these evil deeds are nothing to be scoffed at. These are real, life-threatening acts that fast food companies need to address soon – for the sake of our hardworking delivery boys who are only looking to make an honest buck through hard work.

How? How indeed.

If you have any suggestions at all on how to resolve this problem or lead us to coming up with a concrete and failsafe solution, leave them on the comments section below. You might just be the guy who can make our Christmas a little bit safer and merrier this year.

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