Black Friday Binge!

Black Friday has come and gone… and as expected, it was crazy good!

Tons of items were on sale and finding out which items to order was exciting and confusing at the same time. I wanted a whole lot of stuff (don’t we all!), so I had trouble picking out the items I needed shipped over right away.

GCashUsing my trusty ol’ GCASH American Express Virtual Pay, I immediately made my orders via

I’m really happy that the items I ordered have arrived already! In good time, too since, I’ll be needing this right after the holiday season (You’ll find out why in a bit). Woohoo!

Here are the items I purchased during my Black Friday binge…

I got myself a few much needed supplements which are quite expensive when bought here in the Philippines:

Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite - Black Friday Binge

Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite! By far, one of the best fat burning/metabolic accelerators out there to date. This has helped me increase my fat loss efficiency especially when paired with a good exercise program. The only problem is that most Muscletech products are very expensive here. Usually, you can get it cheapest at Cash and Carry but upon comparing it to prices on, the cost difference is still significant.

Hydroxycut Elite, at its cheapest, is being sold for Php 1,500.00 here. In Amazon, it is way more affordable regardless if it’s Black Friday or not. This product usually goes for $18.00. That’s only Php 800.00! Half the price of how much they’re selling it here for! I got mine on a Black Friday at $13.55. Wow! I practically saved almost Php 1,000.00 on this product alone.

I included another supplement in my order which I usually take during my peak training season – Creatine Monohydrate. I particularly like the ones in capsule form because it’s easier to drink and I don’t have to go through the scooping/mixing process on a daily basis. The brand I ordered was “Weider Creatine Capsules”.

Weider Creatine Capsules - Black Friday Binge

There are a lot of affordable creatine products here in the Philippines… but not every product can be trusted. I went with a trusted name which I knew would give me effective results. This particular product is being sold here in the country for Php 950.00. I got mine at Amazon for only $7.50! In Pesos, that’s only Php 336.26! That’s crazy cheap. Even on a regular day, you can order online and get it for $9.22 (Php 413.38) which is still absurdly more affordable.

Anyways, like I said earlier… the reason why I decided to order a few good supplements is because, I know I’ll be clocking in more hours at the gym after all the feasting that happens during the holiday season. I’m gonna have to lose all the excess calories from all that Christmas feasting! LOL!

My son, decided to wait for the newer models of rubber shoes to come in so he decided to hold back on ordering this time around. I guess I’ll be ordering his pair of basketball shoes next month once he’s decided on what to get.

My wife and daughter on the other hand, wanted me to order a few small items for them as well. I kinda knew what they wanted even before they specifically told me what they were… hehehe. It was a “no-brainer”! Kikay girls, that they were… OF COURSE…! They wanted MAKEUP! Just a few, though.

Since my “girls” share cosmetic products with one another, coming up with what makeup to order online was their joint decision. Here was the consensus…

MAC Lip Pencil - Black Friday Binge

First on their list was a MAC Lip Pencil. I got this on Amazon for only $10.20. In Pesos, that is only Php 457.32. On a regular day, Amazon sells this at $12.00. My wife says that price is way cheaper than buying it here. This lip pencil actually ranges from Php 950.00-Php 1,100.00 in Metro Manila depending on which store you buy it from.

MAC Cremesheen Glass - Richly Revered - Black Friday Binge

The other item they had me order for them is the MAC Cremesheen Glass lip gloss. Got this online for only $16.89 (Php 757.26). Super cheap according to my wife. She does the rounds in cosmetic stores every now and then and when she saw the price it was being sold for online, she immediately asked me to get it. It was practically half the price of how much this particular product is being sold for locally.

All in all, I saved about Php 2,700.00 ordering all these products online. That’s A LOT of savings!

Since all these products were shipped to me via My Shopping Box in one go, the fees didn’t even make a dent on my budget. The process of ordering and having it shipped right to our doorstep was as effortless as signing up for a Facebook or Twitter account. No joke, guys. If you haven’t yet experienced the convenience of online shopping and the great savings that come with it, I encourage you to try it out.

Sign up for your own GCASH American Express Virtual Pay account right now and start buying awesome stuff “for the cheap” just like me! Let’s go!

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