You’re Never Blue With The Divoom Bluetune Solo

Wireless bluetooth speakers are a dime a dozen these days and one can get confused as to which one best fits his/her lifestyle.

There are a few bluetooth speakers on the market which you can get for the cheap… but I doubt you’d enjoy listening to properly encoded music files on them if they sound either too thin or too muddy. On the other hand, there are a few wireless speakers available that give out amazingly unbelievable sound… but will cost you an arm and a leg.

There has to be some sort of middle ground – a speaker that sounds great but doesn’t kill your life savings.

Upon further scouring, I discovered Divoom’s latest bluetooth speaker called the “Bluetune Solo”.

Divoom - Bluetune Solo

And just like that… our most elusive middle-ground suddenly isn’t hard to find anymore.

I was pretty impressed the first time I tried the Bluetune Solo. It sounded amazing… but we’ll get to that in a bit.


Divoom - Bluetune Solo

Looking at the image above, placing the Bluetune Solo beside my iPhone 5s gives you an idea of how small Divoom’s new bluetooth speaker is.


Apart from the impressive bass sound which pleasantly surprised me, the Bluetune Solo put out really good highs and mids as well. Unlike other similar-sized speakers, Divoom’s Bluetune Solo pleasantly reproduced vocals that weren’t muddy and its high frequencies didn’t sound irritatingly thin. Nice!

Bluetune Solo

It has a couple of indicator lights that show you when the device is turned on and operating. It also has a bluetooth pairing button for connecting any of your bluetooth-capable smartphone/music player.

Battery Life

On a single charge, the Bluetune Solo will give you hours of non-stop playback time. 6 full hours to be exact.

Bluetune Solo Battery Life

Yet another example of packing a whole lotta punch into a very small device. 6 hours is practically 4 whole music albums on average. That’s quite a lot.


Another feature I absolutely love about the Bluetune Solo apart from its impressive sound is that it doubles as a speakerphone, too. Answer phone calls through the Bluetune Solo by simply pressing the Answer/End button on top of the device (which also works as the pairing button). Yes, other wireless speakers offer the same feature… but how many of them are just as affordable and as small as the Bluetune Solo?

If you’re still on the fence as to whether Divoom’s new speaker is worth purchasing, then these next two features might just get your vote…


The Divoom Bluetune Solo boasts of its “Daisy-chain capability”. Not satisfied with just a single speaker playing? No problem. Simply connect 2 or more Bluetune Solos together using the Bluetune’s “daisy-chain” feature to make your music louder and sound more awesome.

Bluetune Solo

Can you imagine how amazing 4 or 5 Bluetunes, daisy-chained together and playing as one single unit would sound? Crazy!

Bluetooth Dongle Receiver

Another really cool feature is how the Bluetune Solo can convert any conventional speaker or regular audio receiver (with a “Line In”) into a bluetooth capable device. How? By simply connecting your bluetooth-less device to the Bluetune Solo via its “AUX OUT” port. Now, any music you stream to the Bluetune Solo using bluetooth will be sent to your wired device for playback.

Bluetune Solo Bluetooth Dongle Receiver


So, in essence… the Bluetune Solo acts as the wireless receiver, too. Now, that’s really cool and very useful! I’ve actually used this feature a couple of times already. I usually connect my Bluetune Solo to my fitness gym’s sound system so I can playback my music without having to leave my iPhone 5s laying around.

Music Playback Test

Below is my brief playback test on the Divoom Bluetune Solo.

Since this video obviously doesn’t do justice to how good the Bluetune Solo performs, in a way it’ll give you an idea of how well it reproduces music.

Random tracks used during playback test: “The Fox” (just cause it’s fun to listen to) & “Thriftshop”

Oh, Cool! A Carrying Pouch!

Bluetune Solo Montage (Pouch)

Since, the Divoom Bluetune Solo is a very portable device, it naturally has to have its own carrying pouch… and that’s exactly what this gadget comes along with. A very good-looking pouch if I might add!


The Divoom Bluetune Solo is sold at a very affordable price of Php 2,500.00. Considering all the features and capabilities Divoom has jammed into this compact device, I don’t think you can find anything similar to it that offers not just the same versatility but performs them very well, too. You may also find inexpensive speakers in cheap bazaars around the metro but based on experience, these flimsy gadgets either break easily or perform terribly.


The Bluetune Solo from Divoom is the perfect example of the saying that “BIG things come in small packages”. And as far as making the most out of a single device goes, the Bluetune Solo doesn’t fall short at all. I love how you can just place the Bluetune Solo anywhere in the room without it grabbing too much attention because of its size and simplicity. In fact, you can even hide it behind picture frames or place it in a corner and make it seem as though the entire room is configured for centralized music. Either way, you cannot go wrong with the Divoom Bluetune Solo.

The Divoom Bluetune Solo is sold in the following outlets: Rustans Dept Store, Power Mac Center, SM Appliance Center, iGig and Mobile 1.

Need more info on the Bluetune Solo or other Divoom products? Check out their Facebook page at and on Twitter on @divoomph

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