Tabango, Leyte Needs HELP!

Spoke to a few good friends who received a call from their former househelp living in Tabango, Leyte (one of the places devastated by Typhoon Yolanda).

Her name is Jelita Abelanio. She borrowed a cellphone that’s practically almost battery-dead. She had to painstakingly climb a mountain to barely get signal to make a call.

She says that approximately 500 people (some very old) are trapped in Tabango, Leyte (Brgy. Omaganhan). They have no food, water and shelter. They are surviving on a few bananas only.

According to her, it seems that the Philippine goverment has forgotten all about them. Help from a few private individuals have come their way but is barely enough.

Her words were (paraphrasing), “Nagmamakaawa po kami. Hindi namin alam kung sino malalapitan. Kailangan talaga namin ng tulong dito.”

Some of the names of Jelita’s family members who are trapped with her in Brgy. Omaganhan are the ff:

Reynaldo Abelanio
Ray James Abelanio – 19 yrs old
Sara Jane Abelanio – 18 yrs old
Raygia Abelanio – 11 yrs old
Juanita Dumos – 68 yrs old

Please spread the word and maybe we can hasten the arrival of help and relief to Tabango as well as other seemingly forgotten areas devastated by Super Typhoon Yolanda.

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