Person Holding Smartphone Stolen From Yolanda Volunteer Uploads Selfies Online!

There are cunning thieves and there are stupid ones. Either way, you should still be careful of both kinds.

I chanced upon a story from a friend (Vince Golangco of When In Manila) which, according to him, happened just a couple of days ago. I’d like to share it with all of you in hopes that maybe we could still find this opportunistic ass who victimized a kind-hearted Yolanda volunteer at Villamor Airbase.

You see, Vince’s friend was hard at work volunteering at the airbase welcoming Super Typhoon Yolanda victims, providing relief. We all know how frantic and busy it is over there at Villamor because of the ongoing relief efforts while these volunteers are doing an amazing job comforting our fellow Pinoys.

It’s just so sad and disappointing that amidst all the love and kindness being provided by these volunteers, there are still some people who would choose to take advantage of the vulnerability of these kinds of situations.

Apparently, one guy went to Villamor Airbase not to GIVE of himself… but to TAKE personal items that aren’t his instead!

What exactly did he steal, you ask? A Samsung Galaxy S4.

Karma’s a bitch. In fact, IF this guy is INDEED the thief, it appears that he has started getting a good dose of it right after stealing the smartphone.

It seems that the person holding the smartphone loves taking selfies. So much so that he couldn’t wait to take photos of himself using the stolen Galaxy S4. What he doesn’t know is that the stolen phone is still LINKED to the Dropbox account of Vince’s friend. It means that every single photo the person takes is automatically uploaded to that online file sharing account. What that means is that Vince’s friend can see every single photo the guy is taking.

Below are the details posted by Vince’s friend…

I just want to give a friendly warning to all of you especially who are volunteering now in Villamor Airbase and other relief operations. Some people are just here to really take advantage during times like these. 

As you might know, I lost some valuables last Tuesday, November 19, while doing volunteer work in Villamor Airbase. Before we even started, we noticed this guy in pink shirt lingering around our designated area, but since we thought he is with the other volunteer group with the sole purpose also of helping the Yolanda survivors, we just ignored him and continued packing & distributing relief goods. Little did we know that he was there not to help, but he was there for his own personal gain. 

Thanks to technology, I was able to confirm my suspicions. Two days after the incident, I was able to retrive pictures of him thru my Dropbox app account that is synced to my stolen Samsung S4 phone. YESSS! THE THIEF IS UNKNOWINGLY SENDING ME HIS SELFIE PICS!!! 

The police said this might be a scheme/ modus operandi, so please, to all of you, please be warned. Look at his pictures. Stare at it. (Creepy!!) Be vigilant. Take care of your things and beware of people like him. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD. Pls help me share.

Here are a few of the alleged thief’s uploaded photos…


Apparently, the same person has been making the rounds again in the area by the airbase.

Likewise, Vince double-checked by asking his friend again about the incident… just to make sure that the person uploading his own selfies to the Dropbox account was indeed the thief. His friend’s reply:

Yep. we are 500% sure!!! I was with other friends that night. We all remembered him from that night lurking around our area. It will be too much of a coincidence that he was there too the moment I lost my phone… and he coincidentally bought the same phone in Greenhills… and the first picture uploaded by him is around the time I lost my phone.

Here are more of his uploaded photos…




If you happen to be one of the volunteers at Villamor Airbase, be very careful and vigilant. Remember his face and report him to authorities immediately.

In my opinion, he may or may not be the very person who actually stole the smartphone. For all we know, he may have bought it directly from the thief himself the very same day not knowing it was stolen. Nevertheless, if you happen to see him around, it would be best to have him reported. Either he IS the thief and he rightfully gets what he deserves, or if not, he may eventually lead us to the actual person who really stole it.

Whoever stole the smartphone has not yet been caught. Please share this to everyone you know.

I really hope the thief gets what’s coming to him.

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