My Open Letter To Mr. Jepoy Bengero (igad Interactive Solutions)

Dear Mr. Bengero…

I have made this open letter to you to address all the accusations you have raised against me directly and indirectly through conversations with common friends and acquaintances.

As much as I would rather keep quiet and put all this to rest, I am compelled to write this to clear my name.

I will answer some of your accusations point by point…

You accuse me of being an ingrate… for not thanking you for the free web hosting you provided.

First and foremost, I never asked for FREE web hosting. I never begged you for it. You offered it. That does not mean that I am not grateful. I always have been. And contrary to your claims that I never even mentioned you or your company for the kindness you have extended, I thanked you for it… in fact, I thanked you and igad Interactive Solutions online through my very own blog. It was actually one of the very first blog posts I published. In fact, you even left a comment on that very post. See here:

You say I complain a lot when the server is down when I have no right to voice out considering I’m using your services for free.

Just because you offer something for free doesn’t mean I cannot make myself heard. If my web traffic suffers because my site constantly gets reset due to server limitations, I’m forced to shut up, is that it?

You say my payment for my old domain is delayed and that I have no right to use it.

I am grateful that you had our domains – & (mine and my wife’s) renewed even when (at times) my actual payment is deposited late. But to tell you honestly, ever since our domains have been purchased by you and your company (technically using MY money because I still deposit the payment to you), you have never transferred ownership of these names to me. In fact, these domains are STILL under your control. Heck…! I don’t even have access to DNS configurations of these domains because you always tell me that it is you who should configure them. You never even handed over to me the login credentials for our domains.

You should’ve actually given me control of the domain and registered both domains under MY name (and under my email address) the first time I paid for them. Why complain about non-payment when you hold both our domains by the balls?

You accuse me of RESELLING the free webspace that you had me and my wife use.

For the record, I never committed any form of reselling. I simply facilitated a deal that would house a company’s website under igad Interactive Solutions. If you housed it in the very same free space that my site and my wife’s site were located in, it wasn’t because I asked you to. For one, I would never abuse the services you have so freely allowed me to utilize. Secondly, as you very well stated, I am under a free account. Nor do I have control of what domains to include in that space. You didn’t even give me access to our website’s control panel. So, how in God’s name can I even be able to resell, let alone add another domain without you accessing it?

If you thought it suspect, then you should have raised the issue with me right away. I was just a phone call, a text message or an email away. We could’ve spoken as friends coz that’s what friends DO. But no. You kept it inside you all along, leaving me all the while thinking everything was cool.

In addition…

According to you, igad Interactive Solutions was already on the verge of dissolving because of lack of client and income. You even clearly said that it was practically just me and my wife who were left on igad’s 3rd party server. That probably explains why igad’s website doesn’t exist anymore.

You even said na “naiinis ka na sa mga tao sa igad” because you found out that they were using 3rd party servers to offer hosting services without your knowledge and of which you only recently discovered.

A month and a half ago, you offered to facilitate the migration of my site and my wife’s site to a better server which I told you I was ready to pay for.

You coursed this migration through igad Interactive Solutions as well. This actually confused me considering everything you said about the company’s imminent closure. Nevertheless, I trusted you and went on with the migration plan.

Early afternoon of October 22, 2013, I got an automated email notification from [email protected] about the commencement of our migration. So, I thought everything was cool.

I called you the very same hour I received my notification and told you that I was willing to deposit immediately so as to avoid any delay or problems. I even said that I was going to pay for the retrieval of my domain, if need be. You TOLD ME to wait until migration has completed before depositing any amount, just to be sure. You even said that the RETRIEVAL FEE wasn’t needed since the domain was still working. Following your advice, I held back on my payment.

A few hours later, I received another email notification from igad confirming the “supposed” start of our migration. It read:

“Migration of [] and [] will start today and expected to be finished in 2-3 business days. You will receive your new username and password when the migration is complete.”

2-3 business days, it said.

Doing the math, if migration started on October 22, the process should be complete by October 25 at the most.

1 week passed. No advice. 2 weeks, still no advice. What do you expect me to think?

Anyone in their right mind would wonder and get worried.

I messaged you via SMS. No response. I messaged you via Viber, no reply. I tried BBM, same thing. I tried all avenues and means of communication to reach you. I even tried calling your cell and home numbers.

And then, all of a sudden, you contact me telling me that I’ve been bugging you on all your messaging apps? And in your own words you say “napipikon ka na sa akin”? You even go on telling me that I’m acting like a nagger.

For the record, I know no one else in igad other than YOU. If I had any web hosting or domain related concern, I would naturally have to contact YOU. If I knew anyone else in igad other than you, then I would have spoken to that person instead. But you were the one who provided the free hosting. You are also the one who handles (and owns) our domains. Sino lang ba ang pwede ko lapitan kundi ikaw, hindi ba?

You ignored me for weeks. If you answered me early on, that would’ve given me no reason to bug you again and again. In the most impolite manner, you tell me to wait again for the completion of migration (which apparently seemed bleaker and bleaker as the days went by). You even said during your rant that if I was growing impatient, I can just leave and find some other web hosting service instead.

With utmost restraint on my temper and consideration for our friendship, I replied and apologized.

I apologized even if it wasn’t clear to me why I should even be saying sorry… what mattered during that moment was our friendship. I also told you that I was willing to wait a bit longer.

Another week passed (a total of 3 weeks already), still nothing.

All the while, my blog and my wife’s blog were suffering inside a server I so badly wanted out of. But I had no way of resolving it because, as I’ve said, you alone had control of web hosting and our domains.

Finally, because of this and your continued non-response, I got fed up and decided to just move to another server and better service. No use waiting for something that didn’t seem likely to happen anymore.

I messaged you one final time inquiring ONLY about our domains instead. Just the domains. I was asking about configuing the domains to point to a new web hosting server which I was planning to move to. I even said that whatever cost needed to facilitate domain configuration will be paid immediately.

Still no reply from you.

Not. A. Single. Reply.

I even tried BBM. Message receipts from BBM clearly showed that you already received and read my messages. But you still ignored them.

It was clear you didn’t really care.

What was I supposed to do? Wait till God knows when?

I waited far too long.

I consulted with friends in the industry and sought professional, unbiased advice. It reinforced my resolve to move on.

Finally, I decided to get new domains altogether and just start over and start fresh.

It was about time. No use holding on to false hope and staying in a place where we obviously aren’t welcome anymore.

So, that’s what I did. I got new domains for myself and my wife and migrated to a new web hosting service.

Good thing I decided to get new domains and a new web hosting service. Because just a few days after moving, our old domains (which you solely control) were suspended with no warning whatsoever.

Imagine if we waited any longer? We would’ve been left hanging and ultimately lost our websites.

Considering that you haven’t been responding to any of my attempts to reach you for weeks, it’s very amusing how you all of a sudden reacted to a Facebook post I made quite recently wherein I said, “Good riddance to my old domain/web hosting service”. Equally amusing is how fast you reacted even when I had the delicadeza not to mention your name or the name of our old web hosting service (igad Interactive Solutions).

It seems you’ve also been complaining about me blocking you on Twitter and Facebook. Why complain? You’ve been ignoring me for the longest time. No difference, right? In fact, blocking you makes things easier for the both of us. It keeps us out of each other’s hair once and for all.

Whatever your reasons for ignoring me, for calling me an ingrate, for reacting the way you did… they do not interest me any longer.

It doesn’t matter.

For what its worth… thank you.

Thank you for the past 2-3 years of FREE web hosting service. I say this with all sincerity the same way I’ve always thanked you whenever we used to talk over the phone.

Thank you for facilitating the purchase of our old domains even if I’ve never had any control or access over them… nor their ownership until now.

Considering how I know you must feel, I guess it’s safe to say that I speak for the both of us when I bid all this and our friendship a very good riddance.


Over and out,



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