Mario’s Classic Sunday Lunch Buffet

Everybody knows Mario’s. It is one of the very few restaurants in the country that have stood the test of time and perhaps one of the more prominent establishments frequented by people, young and old, who know good food.

I was recently at the Tomas Morato branch of Mario’s and had the opportunity to enjoy their very popular Classic Sunday Lunch Buffet with good friends who also happen to be fellow foodies (Notice how I inserted the word, “fellow” in there? Yep… self-professed foodie here! Haha!). These guys are some of the best in the food blogging industry.

Mario's Tomas Morato

I knew that my wife and I were in for a treat given that any time the words “Mario’s” and “buffet” come together, it is always cause for a gastronomical celebration.

Inside Mario's

If you’ve been to this particular branch of Mario’s, you’ll know that navigating around the place is just like going around your typical residential home. Free-flowing, clean and very cozy. The menu of the Sunday Lunch Buffet immediately welcomes you as soon as you enter, together with wonderful soft piano music courtesy of a friendly pianist playing nearby.

I don’t know what it is… chalk it up to nostalgia, perhaps… but every single time I visit Mario’s, it doesn’t feel like being in a restaurant at all. It feels more like visiting a couple of relatives in their home and having a somewhat intimate dinner.

Anyways, allow me to show you some of the delicious dishes Mario’s amazingly prepares every Sunday for their Classic Lunch Buffet…

Oysters Rockefeller and Croquettas de Atun
Oysters Rockefeller and Croquettas de Atun

Barring a terrible throbbing of the nape due to a cholesterol overload, I am one who never backs down on a good offering of Oysters Rockefeller. Love oysters, too? Then you shouldn’t miss this when you visit.


Who doesn’t love a round of great tasting roasted pig? We’re Pinoys! We love lechon. And if even if you aren’t a Filipino, I guarantee that Mario’s Cochinillo will liven up your lunch and keep you coming back for more.

Caesar Salad
Caesar Salad

There is no exaggeration at all when I say that one of the best versions of Caesar Salad (if not THE best) in the country can be found at Mario’s. You just have to get an order of Caesar Salad when you drop by the restaurant because you HAVEN’T really been to Mario’s until you’ve had their version of this salad.

Arroz con Pollo
Arroz con Pollo

Ah, yes! Arroz con Pollo… hard to make but very easy to fall in love with. You can start with lighter fare then head on to this flavorful carb-heavy treat towards the end for a big finish. Win!

Creme Brulee
Creme Brulee

Mario’s has a variety of amazing desserts, too. Their Creme Brulee is quite impossible to ignore. They are deliciously presented and you could smell the rich creamy taste from afar. OMG.

Classic Mario's Sunday Lunch Buffet

Look at that. Wow. Even if I am diligently watching over the type of food I put in my tummy, I just had to indulge in Mario’s sweet offerings. It was well worth it.

Mario's Key Lime Pie
Mario’s Key Lime Pie

People say that you save the best for last, right? Well, during dessert, it sure seemed that way. The Key Lime Pie arrived after everyone had their fill of Mario’s delectable sweets. Don’t miss out on the Key Lime Pie if you see it during your visit. You just have to try it out.

Here are some of the other dishes Mario’s offers during their Classic Sunday Lunch Buffet…

Mario’s most definitely merits another visit (and another). You just can’t beat the combination of comfort food and feel-good nostalgia. I’ve always said that, try as you may, good food can never be fully described through mere words and exclamations… it has to be experienced.  Mario’s is one of the best examples of that.

Block off one of your Sundays and bring the family over to Mario’s to rediscover the dishes that have helped them stand the test of time and why wonderful memories are easily made there.

Mario’s Restaurant

Sunday Lunch Buffet:
Adult – Php750+
Child – Php580+

Contact Details:
191 Tomas Morato Ave. cor. Scout Gandia
Quezon City
T: 372 – 0360 / 415 – 3887 / 376 – 6210
F: 372 – 0352
Email: [email protected]

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