KakaoTalk, Kakao-aliw!

I’ve been using KakaoTalk (or simply called “Kakao“) for quite sometime now… and more and more, I am finding it very useful and addicting at the same time.


I admit I have other messaging apps on my iPhone, too. But that is the only way I can truly gauge how one app stands out from the other.

What I find very useful with KakaoTalk is its “group call” feature. Imagine having a group of friends all in a single call – it’s like a party inside your phone. It saves time and makes collaborations on certain projects much easier. I think more than anything, KakaoTalk’s group call is what got me hooked at first.

But there are so many things to love about this app, too.


Kakao is tons of fun! Among its array of notable features, the app allows you to leave voice messages with really amusing voice changers (Yes! Imagine that!). You can send your location. Share media files. It’s got lots and lots themes! And yes, Kakao has an ocean of STICKERS!

My kids are hooked on Kakao as well. Why? Because a whole bunch of sticker packages are free to download. Yeah, there are some which you can purchase as well (and are worth every penny) but the way I see it, this app simply clicks, especially with the younger generation because you are not compelled to purchase anything to make the app better than it already is. All its amazing features are free to use.


Unlike some messaging apps which I’ve tried and eventually deleted from my phone, KakaoTalk is most definitely here to stay. I actually downloaded a good number of stickers already and use them regularly whenever I’m chatting with friends and family. I also get that giddy feeling when a notification informs me of new stickers available on the Kakao store. Whee!

Just sharing my own experience with the app. You might want to try it out yourselves.


KakaoTalk is available on iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone 8.

My advice… don’t knock it till you try it.

Its fun novelty appeal will draw you to it and its slew of impressive features will make you stay.

So, yeah… KakaoTalk? Kakao-bilib!

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