GCash Black Friday is Back… and It Just Got Better!

Guess what! BLACK FRIDAY is just ’round the corner!

I am soooo excited about this annual event because it is the time of the year when prices of our most sought after items in stores and online are sold at really HUGE DISCOUNTS! It is the perfect opportunity to start scouring online stores for clothes, gadgets, accessories, and more!


If you follow me on Twitter and here on my blog, you probably already know that I am very comfortable shopping online using my GCash American Express Virtual Pay… not only because of convenience, but also because you save a whole lot more ordering online. Imagine just how much more you can save during Black Friday!

MyShoppingBox Shipping Promo for ALL GCash American Express Virtual Pay subscribers

I am also looking forward to taking advantage of the discounted shipping fees offered by MyShoppingBox for GCash American Express Virtual Pay subscribers during Black Friday! Don’t get me wrong, MyShoppingBox already offers very low shipping costs… the lowest I’ve seen anywhere, in fact. But anytime there is an opportunity to avail of a promo such as this, I make sure to grab the chance! Hey, it only happens once a year, right?

Globe New LogoWondering what kind of shipping promo MyShoppingBox is offering for this year’s Black Friday?

This promo entitles GCash American Express Virtual Pay subscribers to the following refunds*:

  • Php 6 discount for every full dollar spent for My Shopping Box shipping fees, paid from November 6 to November 24, 2013 (e.g. Php 60 discount for a $10.50 My Shopping Box shipping fee)
  • Php 12 discount for every full dollar spent for My Shopping Box shipping fees, paid from November 25 to December 8, 2013 (e.g. Php 120 discount for a $10.50 My Shopping Box shipping fee)

* The above refunds will be applied on top of the standard 3-5% discount all GCash American Express Virtual Pay subscribers enjoy on their My Shopping Box shipments.

If you’re a GCash American Express Virtual Pay subscriber already (hooray for you!), here’s how you can qualify for MyShoppingBox’s Black Friday refund (shipping promo):

  1. Post “Just bought a [ITEM] from [ONLINE MERCHANT] using #GCASHAMEX this #GCashBlackFriday sale season! Can’t wait to get it!” on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram
  2. Take a screenshot of the post
  3. Visit beta.globe.com.ph/gcashblackfriday and submit the following via the online form:
    – Mobile number registered to the GCash American Express Virtual Pay account.

    – My Shopping Box Packing Reference and Tracking Number (My Shopping Box shipping fee must already be settled separately in order to qualify for the refund)
    – Screenshot of the post
    – For Facebook/Twitter posts: URL of the post; For Instagram: username of the account used to post (NOTE: the post/account should be set on public, otherwise the subscriber will not be eligible to avail of the discount)
  4. All subscribers who email the complete requirements on or before Thursday will receive the refund via GCash by Friday of the following week.
  • Subscribers can only avail of the refund after they pay for their My Shopping Box shipping fee and email the necessary information to the GCash team.
  • All discounts will be sent via GCash to the mobile number registered to the GCash American Express Virtual Pay account used to make the payment.
  • Subscribers can only avail of the refund once per transaction.
  • This promo is exclusive to GCash American Express Virtual Pay subscribers.

Black Friday

Making a list and checking it twice…

If Santa is making a list… so am I! I’ve actually come up with a short (but growing) list of items that I am planning to get during this most anticipated event. Naturally, since Black Friday only comes once a year, I would want to make the most of it!

So far… some of the stuff I plan to get are the following:

  • A set of finger sleeves for my dad – the kind made of neoprene and not rubber garters. It helps relieve my father from joint pain on a few of his fingers. They used to be available in the Philippines years back but for some strange reason aren’t anymore. There’s a ton of them online. Cheaper, too! Thank God!
  • Basketball shoes for my son – yup. There are tons of really cool (and very affordable) shoes online. My son loves playing basketball. He’s 5’10”. Go figure! Haha!
  • Makeup and clothes for my daughter and for my wife – these two women in my life just love make-up! What particular make-up brand, I’m not quite sure of. I’ll leave it to the girls to figure that one out.
  • I haven’t really thought of what to get myself yet… I was actually eyeing a boom mic for my iPhone 5s. But my heart is torn between that and a lens mount for it. I’d like to do more video blogs with better production value so upgrades and add-ons are necessary. Who knows… I might just get both in one go! Boom!

Got GCash?

So… what are you planning to get come Black Friday? Have you made your own list as well?

First things first, make sure you’ve got your own GCash American Express Virtual Pay so you can make the most of Black Friday by saving a heck of a lot more on shipping via MyShoppingBox.

Don’t know how? No problem… click here to know more on how to get your own GCash American Express Virtual Pay account. It’s faster and easier than you think. Really!

Check back soon to see what I’ve ordered online during Black Friday. Tell me all about your online shopping escapades as well! It’s gonna be fun!

Get goin! Black Friday is almost upon us! Woot!

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