When It’s Too Good To Be True… It Sometimes Is!

They say that when something is “too good to be true”, it usually is. We were often told by wiser (but not necessarily older) individuals to “never take anything at face value”.

There is truth to that, no doubt.

And because we were taught to listen to that cautionary voice in our head, when something genuinely awesome comes our way, our jaded minds often turn us into skeptics immediately.

So, when I heard about Globe Telecom offering (get this!) FREE FACEBOOK access on their mobile network not just for Postpaid but for Prepaid subscribers as well, I said to myself, “Well, there has to be a catch somewhere, right?” I mean, there’s no such thing as a free meal nowadays.

Or is there?

Upon further checking, what seemed to be too good to be true actually was TRUE!

Globe is offering FREE FACEBOOK to ALL SUBSCRIBERS (Prepaid and Postpaid) – no strings attached. In fact, it even works when you have ZERO LOAD on your balance! You know what’s extra cool about it, too? It doesn’t matter what phone you use or what mobile platform you’re using. As long as you’re on Globe, Facebook is free. Java, mobile browsers, iOS, Android, Windows Phone apps, anything at all – everyone on Globe can access Facebook. Crazy, right?

I actually tried this out just recently… and upon opening my Facebook app on my iPhone 5s, this popped up:

Facebook Notification

Wheeee! It works! It even shows me some my friends already surfing Facebook free via Globe.

Notification When Leaving Facebook

Facebook advices me whenever I attempt to surf outside of Facebook so I know if I might get charged. It actually even offers a surfing package such as the Powersurf99 (50MB for 30 days) in case I’d want to avail of one, which isn’t bad either!

Reminder That You Are Surfing Facebook for FREE

This is just absofrickinlutely awesome! Now, chatting, posting images, watching videos, liking, lurking and (YES!) even POKING just became a whole lot easier and lighter on the pocket!

The catch? No catch. Simply for us Globe subscribers to enjoy and to believe that anything is still possible especially this Christmas. Cause that’s what it really is if you think about it… an honest to goodness Christmas gift to all Globe subscribers.

What a breath of fresh air, especially in this day and age when opportunists are a dime a dozen and great deals deceptively aren’t what they seem to be.

The holiday season just became a whole lot more festive not only because connecting to friends and family is easier, but also because it makes us believe that sincerity still exists, and is strong and well, even today.

So, thank you, Globe! And thank you, Facebook!



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