Quick Battery Saving Tips For Any Smartphone

Even the best smartphone, without power, is only as useful as a paperweight.

low-batteryThat being said, there are a few things you can do to maximize your smartphone’s power. Here are a few vital battery saving tips I’ve learned throughout the years of using various kinds of smartphones.

For anyone who wants their device to last throughout the day, you may find some of these tips useful…

Turn off unnecessary notifications

There are a ton of apps on your phone… social apps, IM apps, photography apps, etc. Almost all of these, by default, have notification features built-in and enabled as soon as you install them. Notifications kill battery life faster than anything. The solution, disable all unnecessary notifications and leave on only the ones you REALLY need.

Wifi over mobile data

It’s this simple… wifi consumes less power than cellular data. So, whenever there’s an opportunity to connect to a hotspot rather than using cellular/mobile data, go for it – especially when you’re already running low on power.

Turn off wifi

If you’re mobile and you don’t intend to connect to a hotspot anytime soon (or if there isn’t a wifi connection available anywhere near you), turn off your smartphone’s wifi receiver. When left on, your wifi receiver continuously searches for hotspot signals which slowly chips away on your phone’s power.

Disable 3G/LTE

Don’t get me wrong… 3G and LTE are really awesome! But if you aren’t planning on using mobile data for the time being, turn off your 3G/LTE connection. Turn it on only when you intend to use it. It doesn’t matter if you’re on an unlimited data subscription. 3G, especially LTE, provide really fast internet connections… but at the cost of precious battery power. Use it wisely.

Darker themes help

If you have the option to use darker themes on your smartphone and on certain mobile apps, do it. Lighter themes = higher pixel brightness = more power consumption. Simple.

Lessen screen brightness level

Who really needs his/her screen brightness level turned up all the way to 100%? It strains the eyes and it kills your battery power faster than you think. Adjust your screen brightness down to a comfortable level and make sure “Auto Brightness” is disabled.

Stay away from heat

Higher temperatures tend to drain your battery much faster. So, keep your smartphone away from heat every chance you get.


Candy Crush, Temple Run, and a ton of other games you tend to play with on your smartphone to pass the time is great… but not for your phone’s battery life. Surviving on a single charge throughout the entire day is NOT gonna happen if you don’t hold back on your gaming addiction.

Disable GPS

Whenever possible, avoid using GPS… or at least minimize the use of it. It’s a power hog. Some smartphones, like the iPhone, will give you the option to disable “Location Services” on certain apps. It would be wise to go through each app and see which ones really need the service and which ones don’t.

Well… that’s just some of the ways you can help preserve battery power throughout the day. It also takes a good amount of common sense every now and then. But there will always be days when certain activities will require you to use your smartphone a tad more extensively… which will naturally hasten the drain of your device’s power.

That’s why it is always wise to bring along a charger and/or an external power bank for that extra peace of mind. There are a ton of external power banks in the market, some of which I have reviewed myself such as the Phonesuit Flex, Momax iPower GO, MiLi Power Spring 5, Boostcase, and the ibattz Mobile Battstation Tough Pro. You can also check out a few power bank models online from MiLi and Beyond the Box.

A dead phone is a useless phone.

Nowadays, your smartphone cannot afford to be without ample power cause you never know when you might actually REALLY need it… like during emergencies and calamities.

Know of any other ways to help save precious battery power? Sound off below and share your tips so others may benefit from it as well.

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