Happy Bread Day!

Every year in October, Gardenia holds an event called, “Happy Bread Day”, as a way of celebrating the existence of the essential staple that is bread.

This year, “Happy Bread Day”, happens on October 28, 2013 at the Glorietta Activity Center from 10AM to 9PM.


It’s going to be all sorts of wonderful for bread lovers (that’s pretty much EVERYONE!) of all ages! This year’s theme is Gardenia Bread Town, and booths are as follows: Gardenia Bread Tree, Gardenia Museum, Flavored Bread Station, Pandesal Café, Cream Roll Nook, Toast Wall, G-Lock Wall, Sandwich School, Muffin Studio, Fun Bun Playground, and Wheat Bread Boulevard. Attendees can try the product samples and activities taking place in these booths.

Guys, entrance to the event is FREEEEEEEEE! Whee! And since it’s a holiday, you can take all your friends and family members to this annual event.

It’ll be a fun-filled day as much as it is going to be tummy-filling, too! Tara!

I’m gonna be there for sure! So, c’mon! Let’s celebrate the joy of bread!

See you there!

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